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Paperparadise Magazine Cover
Dramatic Paper Cranes

Put up some pics on DA

Scribble Contest Entry
Mushrooms with some candles
Candles and Cups
Armless Animation

Been doing work

Been doing my animation that’s due on Wednesday… I’ll be posting it to my DA, or my youtube account after that’s done THEN I’ll post up pictures.

Pawbot Animation

I finally finished my animation. ‘Tis’t that great but it does show what Pawbot is: a cat loving, acoholic robot. Even though he can’t actually drink the robot alcohol, which may or may not be oil.
Pawbot Animation

My deviantART pics

WIP Threads of Time

Ink Picture

Ink Picture
Work from a while back, that I finally got around to uploading. Enjoy.

Animation and Contrast piece

Forest Animation
I FINALLY finished my animation. It took so long but now its finally decent enough to submit.

Contrast Panels
Contrast in shape, contrast in size and contrast in colour, with a triad colour scheme.