Build Your Way #4

Been redoing the tiles and exploring different shading for the buildings. I’ve also rewritten the player script. Neatening them up and stuff. Still no destroying tiles but thats next on the list.


Build Your Way #2

Slight changes. I’ve put in some code to switch off the computer ai and allow both sides to be played with so it’ll be easier to implement one player and two player modes. I’m thinking I should move the player controls into a new script XD 

Build Your Way #1.5


It totally still works on android. Only problem is that I have to double tap things in order for it to register that I’ve clicked on them. Here’s hoping I can figure that out. It looks pretty nice too compared to how it looked before, so I’m going to keep with this style. The block piece definitely needs changing but the shape of the pieces kinda works.

Build Your Way #1


Getting back into some of my projects XD

I’ve started designing the game for my android tablet. I had to completely redo all the scripts for it XD It was a long process but last time I checked, picking and placing tiles worked on my android tablet and so did moving the attackers. But I’ve kinda changed things around a bit because I started adding in a computer player. Working out the logic for the computer is really doing my head in… It currently picks a random tile from its hand and chooses a place from the available places and places the tile onto the selected place. I’m trying to work out how to do the attacker movement since that should be the first thing it tries to do. I can’t do it randomly because it’ll just go around in a circle over and over for each turn. So I have to do something like make it choose a tile that closest to the goal its trying to reach and just trying to figure out how to code that properly is confusing me to no end. Kinda put that off to have a think about the art style of the game since it just doesn’t look that great.

I’ve decided to redesign the art for the game. I moved away from 3D to just 2D because I don’t have Android Pro for Unity3d (which means I can’t use image effects or shadows) and the models don’t look that great. I want to do a really simple and bright style for the game.



I still have to do destroying blocks for the player but the computer currently destroys nearby block tiles if there are no available places to place a new tile. I should probably do a little delay, so the player can see what the computer is doing, not try and figure out what happened after the computer super quick moves the tiles into place. I don’t know what the attackers should be… Currently they’re triangles and diamonds, but that doesn’t work with what I have now.


This is a revamp of an old assignment that I did last year. I’m updating the art and models. Plus redo’ing all the scripts. I didn’t realise how bad the scripting was and thought it’d only need a little touching up but nope. Had to completely rewrite the scripts.

The way the objects were being created on the platforms didn’t allow me to make pathways using coins which meant they were just being created randomly with no rhyme or reason.

Its been put to the side at the moment. I’m starting on my group game for next semester because I’ve just hit a rut with this. I’ll get back to it when I can figure out how to fix the issues that have come up.

There’s also more than just the art direction. I feel that the players don’t have a clear goal. Why do they want to keep building into the sky? Why do they want to work together with other players? I just don’t think playtesting will help. What we need is a design document but we currently don’t have that at the moment. What we have is a lot of questions and mixed thoughts but nothing concrete. We need direction. We need to know what we’re working towards, not just a date. I seriously doubt we’ll get anywhere unless this is fixed soon.

Playtesting should happen when we have our gameplay done and level done. Then we can make modifications to it. Sigh…

I need to work on adding numbers to the blocks so when they’re spawned they have a particular material attached according to what number they’re assigned. It kind of doesn’t help that the textures are all jpegs. JPEGs are awful. They really are. You lose so much quality with them its not funny.

Just bluh….

I’ve completely lost motivation for my group project… I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tired or I feel that the game wouldn’t be fun or that I just don’t like the art direction. I mean I’ve put a fair bit of thought into the game today. We for some reason decided that the overall aesthetic is Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ and I don’t really understand why. It’s really restrictive. When you use something as a base especially a painting, you take on whatever the meaning of that painting is or what the artist intended to convey. So I looked up the painting to see if maybe it has some kind of context to the piece and I found:

“During Van Gogh’s younger years (1876-1880) he wanted to dedicate his life to evangelization of those in poverty. Many believe that this religious endeavor may be reflected in the eleven stars of the painting. In Genesis 37:9 the following statement is made:

“And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.”

“ -

Now apparently the theme of our game is the destruction of society. I should probably write what the game is.

The World We Make is a first person multiplayer game where the players are working together to get as high in the sky as possible before the blocks that they’re standing on dissolve into nothing. The players use blocks to create pathways to spawners in order to generate more blocks in order to progress higher.

I just don’t think the aesthetics and meaning of the art that we’re basing our art design on match with our overall theme of the gameplay.

I just think we need to broaden the art design. I think we need to choose an art movement rather than a particular artist or artwork. But that’s just my opinion. I’m just doing the scripting so I guess what I say doesn’t matter much. It’s really up to the designers…