Build Your Way #1.5

jesyikaturner: It totally still works on android. Only problem is that I have to double tap things in order for it to register that I’ve clicked on them. Here’s hoping I can figure that out. It looks pretty nice too compared to how it looked before, so I’m going to keep with this style. TheContinue reading “Build Your Way #1.5”

Build Your Way #1

jesyikaturner: Getting back into some of my projects XD I’ve started designing the game for my android tablet. I had to completely redo all the scripts for it XD It was a long process but last time I checked, picking and placing tiles worked on my android tablet and so did moving the attackers. ButContinue reading “Build Your Way #1”

There’s also more than just the art direction. I feel that the players don’t have a clear goal. Why do they want to keep building into the sky? Why do they want to work together with other players? I just don’t think playtesting will help. What we need is a design document but we currentlyContinue reading

I’ve completely lost motivation for my group project… I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tired or I feel that the game wouldn’t be fun or that I just don’t like the art direction. I mean I’ve put a fair bit of thought into the game today. We for some reason decided that theContinue reading