Defender’s Quest #4

There’s a few spoilers in this.

I got a dragon on my team, who thinks of itself as a god. The ice mage warned that it was a bad idea to get involved in these kinds of things, to which the main character (You can decide the name, and I think its randomised, so by main character I mean the Librarian) responded with a fire pun. A groan-inducing pun.

So I continue on and I end up having to fight crazed sheep to feed the dragon’s young instead of it taking some of my team members for food. After we killed a load of them, the odd warrior tells the dragon that the sheep stew was amazing. The dragon tells him that what he was the regurgitated meat that was meant for their young. And then he asks for more. The dialogue really makes the game.

Apparently the odd warrior named his abs and his glutes

In terms of story, the Librarian is a descendant of some soldier, and what caused the plague was the monk and the big bad breaking a blood seal which allowed the big bad to gain terrible powers from a bigger big bad. Also turns out the big bad is actually dead. Things are getting great.

Defender’s Quest #3

I love this game so much. The character’s interactions with each other is hilarious. My favourite member of the team is the odd warrior. 

There was this one point where he was calling the knight (who was a prince?) a sissy for wearing armour and only true fighters go without clothes. The knight pointed out that he’s wearing pants, so he replies with “Not anymore” and disappears off screen. 

Then it goes into the before battle screen and the main character, asks him why he’s not wearing any pants and tells him to put some on or he wasn’t going to get a chance to fight.

Defender’s Quest #2

Okay… so I’ve gotten really hooked. I love the rpg elements added to the game, leveling up the “towers”, equipping them with upgrades and working out their skill trees is a lot of fun. I love it.

The story has unfolded more, turns out the big bad is responsible for the plague and is a former prince of the land. He also wants the protagonist dead because she has some mystical power that has him worried. So now she’s travelling with a group of quirky heroes to find out what his plan is and how they can stop him.

Defender’s Quest #1

I played a little bit of Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. I got it off Which can be found here.

I didn’t realise it was tower-defense game from the art that I’ve seen of it. It seems pretty interesting, I like the art so far. I don’t know about the story yet since I’ve played maybe 10 minutes of it. But what I’ve gotten so far is that there’s a plague going around turning people into monsters? And the protagonist that you play as managed to overcome the plague and become immune to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

The Silent Age #1

So I was browsing through my steam list and I came across this game. I have no idea what it’s even about or where I got it from. I’m going to give it a go though, even though some of the reviews say that staring at a wall for 3 hours is more entertaining XD

So I’m called up to see the boss via a note attached to my office/ supply closet. My immediate thoughts when talking to the boss, is that I’m going to be murdered to silence me for some reason. There’s very little exposition before I’ve been thrown into the game and the boss seems very sus. Especially since Frank has disappeared. So I’m getting stuck with both my duties and Frank’s job with no pay rise or new title. It’s a really shitty promotion. 

To not give the boss a reason to murder me, I went off to the basement to start on my new chores. There’s blood in the elevator.. And a hatch is open in the top too. I tried climbing up through it but my character says that there’s no way he’s tall enough for that. Fair enough, I guess. 

I get off when it stops, and there’s a trail of blood leading to a closed door with a broken panel next to it. I fixed up the panel using a plastic glove I picked up earlier in the level, in order to touch the split wires. I knew to pick up the glove because it stood out compared to the non-interactive parts of the environment. Now you’d think that should be a standard in puzzle design, but I’ve seen some where I literally have to click everything in an area just to make sure I pick up the item because it didn’t stand out. So it was a pleasant surprise and was greatly appreciated.

I enter the next room and I find more blood. A lot more blood. It’s pooling under the door to another room. I found a handkerchief, which apparently the next logical step is to dip it into the blood. My character Joe, wants to show it to management. I have no idea why.  I really want to immediately take it to the police but the only phone I’ve seen in this building is in the boss’s office. I haven’t seen an exit to the building either. Where is even my work…?

I brought the bloody handkerchief up to the receptionist and she took it from me. She wrongly assumed that I had hurt myself because my character cannot speak to save himself. She gave me a bandaid, yep that’s good enough to fix whatever wound completely soaked the handkerchief >.> I used the bandaid to open the door that had blood pooling beneath it and found an injured old guy in the room. There was a suspicious lack of blood, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the plot.  

 Apparently this game deals with time-travel. I wouldn’t have guessed. The world is going to end and I have to give this time travel device to present day him to stop him from doing something? Then he dies. This has started out spectacularly. I wonder what’s going to happen next.


Since there was a 30 day subscription in the E3 Humble Bundle, I decided to give the game a whirl. It sucks that the game is Windows only, I prefer to play games on my mac laptop since my windows comp is a real PoS. It only runs on the lowest settings and everything looks so bland and terrible.

I chose Dominion and made a Human Scientist Spellslinger called Zuen Flaros. I love the game’s humor so far, they’re the cartoon bad guys. Though the emphasis on them being religious nuts is a bit irritating. 

The combat in the game is a refreshing change from Rift and WoW. Both of which I’ve played extensively. I played WoW on and off since a year after it first came out. And I played Rift during its Beta and for a couple of months this year. It’s more actiony and less: click, stand still, perform your key rotation and maybe move if there’s an AoE.

So far there’s been this big build up, where I’m the emperor’s favourite and now I’ve got some reward for completing the tutorial. I just know something bad is going to happen. Or it could go the cliché way where I, the hero of the Dominion now have a super awesome duty to go on this planet and beat up some Exile. I hoped the bad thing would happen since it would be more interesting but instead the big reveal is that the emperor is a hologram. It was kind of letdown.

I played for less than week before getting completely and utterly bored of the game. I guess the story didn’t grab me since leaving the ship. Pretty much it was just converting the locals to my side’s religion while being dicks to the other faction.

We also ran into the issue where since the keys given out were a particular region? So I found a work around which wasn’t really a work around. Also my friends pretty much gave up on the game sooner than I did, so I playing on my own. So it was huge clusterfuck. 

Superfrog HD

I have so many random games on steam.

The story for this one is pretty generic and cliché, it features a cursed prince, a kidnapped princess and a wicked witch. But the frog prince finds a magic potion and gets superpowers.

It pretty much just throws you into the game with no tutorial on what the controls are. I mean yeah, I don’t like long boring tutorials for intuitive gameplay but I didn’t realise I could fire until I looked up the controls. It seemed that since you could take them out by jumping on their heads, that was how you fought the monsters. I only found out that wasn’t the case when I reached the first boss fight with the witch and I couldn’t jump on her head to beat her.

The gameplay kind of reminds me of sonic… from what little of sonic that I played XD Though it’s not my kind of game, it was mildly entertaining.