Pokemon Moon #4

This contains some spoilers.

Well, I’ve discovered the joys of Wonder Trade. It’s not that different from the previous iterations. Though I did have some difficulty with the global link not working for days. I did like 4 trades and now I have a Chikorita. It looks like somebody might be IV breeding since it’s lvl 1. But since I’m not that far into the game, I don’t have a way of knowing what the Chikorita’s IVs are. 

I haven’t whited out so far, but I have gotten really close, like twice. I don’t really know the type match-ups that well. Fairy messed everything up for me XD Basically a Carbink almost wiped out my team due to me not knowing what move to use. I though it was rock-ice but nope, apparently its rock-fairy.

I mean come on… That looks like it would be an ice type. 

The second time I was facing the totem Pokemon for the 3rd? trial. It was for the water Z-gem. I pretty much have a severe type weakness to water since my only Pokemon good against it, is Sparky, my Pichu. My Pichu is very easy to kill. I apparently missed the Soothe Bell, so at some point I need to go back and grab it. Luckily Mob, my Kadabra pulled through and won the fight. One day I’ll trade it to get an Alakazam. 

There was a bit of nod to Pokemon Gold and Silver with the Sudowoodo blocking the path. I also met my proper rival. At least I think he is XD I mean Hau is always there to fight me for fun but he feels more like a friend than a rival, y’know. He’s not really competing with me, its like hes along for the ride and having fun while doing so. 

I’ve discovered the Pokemon Day-Care and they’ve made some changes to it. Basically you can put Pokemon with them but they don’t grow stronger over time, its now just for breeding. I don’t know if there’s going to be a place later on where they’ll take your Pokemon and then train them up while you walk. I’m trying to avoid as much spoilers as possible. But that is an interesting decision. Maybe they removed that completely since people only used the day care for breeding, not raising Pokemon.  

Anyways my team so far is:

  • Kiro, lvl 28 Torracat
  • Sparky, lvl 23 Pichu
  • Wingu, lvl 22 Wingull
  • Mob, lvl 23 Kadabra
  • Loony, lvl 22 Drifloon

I’m carrying around an egg with me. I have no idea what its going to be XD I’m thinking of changing Loony with something. I don’t know what. Maybe a different kind of ghost Pokemon? If I ever find a Shinx, I’m definitely replacing Sparky. I love Luxray. Luxray is my fave Pokemon. I hoping to get a Mudkip, with an attack boosting nature at some point because I have the best moveset for Swampert. 

Anyways back to playing some more Pokemon 🙂

Defender’s Quest #5

And a few more spoilers, which include the ending.

I finally finished the game. Turns out killing the bad guy didn’t actually kill him, so he came back. His plan was to ignite all these crystals and blow up the pit and all its inhabitants. For completely good reasons too, he wanted to sacrifice them all to create a better blood seal to keep the big bad god thing from escaping its prison.

I had a choice to either leave the pit and save myself or follow after the bad guy and stop him from killing everybody. I chose to follow after the bad guy, and I got a pretty great ending. It was super sweet.

I highly recommend playing this game. Of course if tower defenses aren’t your thing, then this probably isn’t for you

Defender’s Quest #4

There’s a few spoilers in this.

I got a dragon on my team, who thinks of itself as a god. The ice mage warned that it was a bad idea to get involved in these kinds of things, to which the main character (You can decide the name, and I think its randomised, so by main character I mean the Librarian) responded with a fire pun. A groan-inducing pun.

So I continue on and I end up having to fight crazed sheep to feed the dragon’s young instead of it taking some of my team members for food. After we killed a load of them, the odd warrior tells the dragon that the sheep stew was amazing. The dragon tells him that what he was the regurgitated meat that was meant for their young. And then he asks for more. The dialogue really makes the game.

Apparently the odd warrior named his abs and his glutes

In terms of story, the Librarian is a descendant of some soldier, and what caused the plague was the monk and the big bad breaking a blood seal which allowed the big bad to gain terrible powers from a bigger big bad. Also turns out the big bad is actually dead. Things are getting great.

Defender’s Quest #5

Warning: More spoilers ahead! Turn back now or suffer the consequences.

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Defender’s Quest #4

Warning: Getting into spoiler territory here! If you haven’t played the game and don’t want it ruined for you, don’t read this XD

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