Formal Properties of a Video Game – Silent Hill 2

One of the first essays I had to do for my Game Design course. I think I got a fairly good mark with decent comments. I’m pretty sure one of the criticisms for this was that it read more like a review at the beginning rather than an exploration of the game’s mechanics. Anyways enjoy 🙂

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Silent Hill

I’m currently back into Silent Hill at the moment. Something I’ll probably get bored of in a couple of weeks but I don’t really care. Why I get so hooked on it, is because of the plot and the concepts that are explored. I’m sort of into cult type stuff, not obsessed but I find interesting. Which I think is the reason why Silent Hill appeals to me more compared to other survival horror games like, for example Resident Evil. My favourite games of the Silent Hill series have to be 2 and 4. I like the subtle creepiness of the Silent Hill 2 and the story and characters of Silent Hill 4. I haven’t played through the first one so I can’t really have an opinion of it but Silent Hill 3… Well, I didn’t find it as scary as Silent Hill 4. I find it odd that people think of Silent Hill 3 as the scariest game out of the whole series.

It could be that I was playing it with other people who made comments that completely destroyed the scary aspect of the game or we somehow avoided all the scary happenings.

Or it could that I find invincible enemies scarier…

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