I had a fun-filled day. At 7ish, I met my friend and we went on our way to the Melbourne Museum. It was roughly a forty minute trip to Parliament Station, during which we talked about games that we’ve been playing. I hadn’t been playing any games recently but I had just finished watching a play through of ‘Rule of Rose’. It’s such a twisted game. I found the story amazing but the controls from what I watched seemed sloppy and hard to use. The camera angles also looked pretty awkward. I wouldn’t want to play it because I would likely get very frustrated. I don’t like getting frustrated with games… That led to us talking about Silent Hill, about how the new games don’t really add anything new to the story.

We were kind of worried that the train that we had taken wouldn’t go around the city loop. My friend and I don’t go on public transport by ourselves a lot and so we’re complete newbies when it comes to which trains we need to take. I don’t know why but I kept mishearing the station names: Daremont instead of Darebin and Cliffgarth instead of Westgarth. We did end up getting to our stop which was awesome. We then fluke’d our way to where we were supposed to meet up, we also are horrible at navigation…

Why we were meeting up was because that we had to take heaps of pictures around the city for job briefs. Yeah, it was an excursion. I took over two hundred pictures. The minimum was sixty, so hopefully I’ll find working on the pieces easier. Apparently the first piece has to involve pattern.

Maybe incorporate this picture? I guess I’ll have to have a good look through all my pictures. Also found out something new today. Before I had no idea how to put uploaded pictures that are on wordpress into a post and now I do!

Another thing, I’ll probably get around to posting up some of my works during the next few days.