Has the gall to say I don’t have any respect for others. I don’t have any fucking respect for this dipshit. Has the gall to say he’s an authority figure when he runs a shitty forum. Now if it was a successful forum, then maybe he’d be that but no he’s just some pissy little teen who has a self-importance complex. I have no problems with the other moderators, so if I had a problem with authority wouldn’t I have a problem with them too?

I don’t even consider random dudes on a forum, my authority figures anyway. Teachers, Police, Parents, yes. Some fuckwit on a shittily thrown together forum? No.

I have no respect for people who continually talk down to others, who preaches that their stuff is amazing when there’s no evidence of such. I also have no respect for people who use rape in a light joking manner on a public forum, to a female user, or the way he brought a breast enlarger to a female user yet with male users, its all fucking normal.

Apparently hes going to make a video. On what? More nonsense? He has nothing to show.

He has a 3d artist. Yet there’s no concept art for this “artist” to work off of.

Excellent work dipshit. Excellent work.


Just Ranting

Some complete dumbfuck of a “games designer” believes he can get funding for a game he has no art assets or even a gameplay prototype via a kickstarter alternative. Seriously how stupid can somebody get…

Plus he seems to believe that artistic nudes are pornographic. Wtf much?

Sexualised anime girls with huge tits are allowed yet a painting of a bare breasted lady is so completely wrong. Me thinks he needs to learn the difference between porn and life drawing.

Another topic, why is it alright for guys to show their nipples yet woman can’t. Double standards much?


I woke up today at five thirty in the morning… Why five thirty? Well, because my friend decided to call me at that time. I hung up on them of course, how can you expect someone to talk to you at five thirty? Really? I could understand a text but an actual phone call? You’d also think that if that person hangs up on you, that it would be a bad idea to call them a second time! But no, I was woken up at five thirty. I stumbled out of bed and seeing that my phone never tells me who’s calling, I hung up. In my sleep-addled mind, I figured that it was one of those scam message things. I turn around; ready to return to my comfortable bed when my phone rings yet again! I manage to turn my phone on flight mode, just so I can go back to sleep.

Now it’s in the afternoon and I go and check who was calling me. That friend is going to get an earful and an angry message.