Formal Properties of a Video Game – Silent Hill 2

One of the first essays I had to do for my Game Design course. I think I got a fairly good mark with decent comments. I’m pretty sure one of the criticisms for this was that it read more like a review at the beginning rather than an exploration of the game’s mechanics. Anyways enjoy 🙂

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Minecraft Creations [Picture]

2016-02-01_04.23.27.pngBeen playing a bit of Minecraft lately. I’ve recently gotten back into it. This is the result of a fair few hours of work. I still haven’t finished it but I’ve moved onto a bigger better design in a better location.

Build Your Way #5

I’ve begun rewriting the code for my game yet again. The way the graphics are laid out is completely different than it was before. Instead of there being three layers of objects, there’s now just two: the tiles and the attackers that need to be moved. The attackers aren’t actually interactable, they just sit on top of the tiles. So pretty much all the gameplay happens with the board tiles.

So far I have moving the hand tiles onto the board again, but I haven’t put any restrictions in where the players can place the tiles so currently you can put tiles everywhere. Also placing tiles doesn’t reduce the move counter which it should, so the current player doesn’t change. I’m currently working on allowing the attackers to be moved so I can make sure the basics are all in place.

I found a bunch of old livestream videos I did while playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent. Can you believe that they’re from 2012? It’s surprising that they’re still on my computer. I decided that I would go through and increase the gamma for them because it wasn’t so dark. There were quite a number of funny things, even though hearing my own voice is cringeworthy.

The resolution for them is absolutely terrible but they’re still watchable, I found this out when trying out the different export methods in Premier Pro. I managed a reasonable one but it’s still boxed in. It also took over an hour to render since the combined footage was over 5 hours.

I have to go through and make a version with all the big pauses cut out since I was playing it with a friend of mine and they got stuck at a part. Plus there was another part where I was just running around with no clue where to go/ what to do. I had to have somebody look up a walkthrough for me. Yeah, it’s lame, but at that point I wanted to just finish the game since my friend wimped out on me. Pretty much my enjoyment was listening to them freak out over jumpscares.

I wonder if I still have the other livestream videos I did…

With the “holidays” coming to an end. I’m hoping that this semester of my Computer Science degree goes a lot better than my previous one. I found coping with a part-time job with doing 4 courses, really difficult. I’ve always had issues with time management and it showed big time with my results. I’m doing three courses now instead of the usual four, and hopefully that is enough.

I’m really looking forward to going back and continuing with my studies. Even though it’s going to get pretty hectic with juggling Uni, my part-time job and the pixel art I’ve been working on for a game.  I barely have the time to go out with friends.

We recently started up a DnD session where I DM, which is currently on hold. I never knew how much fun DnD was, we always wanted to try it but none of knew where to start. I picked up a starter kit at PAXAUS which I was volunteer manning a booth at, and it was one of the best ideas I’ve had in awhile. I’m really looking forward to our next DnD day! I picked up a new whiteboard because we figured out that having one to show the map and character positions made explaining things a lot easier. I’m thinking of looking around to find little figurines so we don’t have to keep erasing and redrawing the map.

Rain please go away

Thunderstorms can be pretty terrifying. I was out for a little bit of a shopping trip when it started to pour. When I say pour, it was raining pretty hard. Unfortunately I forgot to bring an umbrella, and had to buy a new one. To be honest this new one is better than my old, only issue is that it’s a lot bigger which makes it a hassle to carry around.

But anyways, I was walking home with my new umbrella, and there was thunder and lightning. The lightning struck so close to me that when I started doing the count, I only got to the end of one before the thunder roared. It was so loud. By count, y’know that thing you learn as a kid, where you see lightning and then say either “One, one thousand” or I’ve heard “One mississippi”. Yeah… I still do that.

I’ve always had a fear of being struck by lightning. It’s a really terrifying thought. I remember having a dream where I was outside during a thunderstorm and I was racing to get home before getting struck. Which I found really odd since later on during highschool, I was walking home with my friends and we got caught out during the rain. We were on the corner going onto the street to my house when there was lightning. My friend said no to worry since the lightning wasn’t the kind that was coming from the ground, it was just in the sky. Then immediately after he says that, there was bright flash right before us. Let’s just say we bolted up that street.

A Nice Day Out [Art]



A before and after of a small sketch I did awhile back. I’ve been exploring Filters on Photoshop and I’m loving the effect it’s given this piece. I used really poor quality paper with my copic markers and it shows. But with the use of this filter, the grains of the paper doesn’t show anymore!