An update on things

I’ve decided to update at the end of every week because I usually forget to update when something happens. On Monday I handed in my bookmark for culture and context. For my bookmark I had to take the works of Art Nouveau Artists and take parts of them and use them to create an artContinue reading “An update on things”

Game Designers

I have to choose one of them to do an oral presentation on… Fun. I really hate speaking in front of a group of people, it terrifies me. It would be great that I get over this at some point. Nicolas Bouvier “Sparth” – ‘Artistic Director and Concept Designer’. Sparth > Concept design & visualContinue reading “Game Designers”

My Continuous Line Drawings

I’ve put them all on my Deviantart account. Continuous Line 1 Continuous Line 2 Continuous Line 3 Continuous Line 4 My favourite of the bunch is Continuous Line 2. The body is better proportioned than the others. The shading is a bit off but I love the way I drew the lines, it looks realistic.Continue reading “My Continuous Line Drawings”