4 new posts to my DA account~

Paperparadise Magazine Cover
Dramatic Paper Cranes


Put up some pics on DA

Scribble Contest Entry
Mushrooms with some candles
Candles and Cups
Armless Animation

Been doing work

Been doing my animation that’s due on Wednesday… I’ll be posting it to my DA, or my youtube account after that’s done THEN I’ll post up pictures.


I haven’t been posting much lately because it keeps slipping my mind and I’ve been busy. It’s been quite eventful too… First I had to a folio of all my works ready before the holidays, then I was away for two weeks. And when I finally got back, I couldn’t be bothered doing much so I didn’t update then. And last week, I was busy with an oral presentation.

I’ll be back into the flow of updating this with pictures and stuff next week.

Ugg and Mo

Ugg 3D Typography
Wearing Some Shirts

Pawbot Animation

I finally finished my animation. ‘Tis’t that great but it does show what Pawbot is: a cat loving, acoholic robot. Even though he can’t actually drink the robot alcohol, which may or may not be oil.
Pawbot Animation

Too Busy with Animation

Currently working on an animation, so no time for a picture post. Though I will post up my finished animation sometime next week on my deviantART account.