Sigh organizing art is so time consuming. I have a few more pieces to put up on my portfolio site but its just ceebs cleaning them up and making them all nice for showing. Bleh.

Anyways here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on when I haven’t been swamped by assignment work.


This is a portal animation for the Necromancer Boss monster. Basically it summons monsters and this is the spawning monster animation. I’m definitely going to add more colours later on. But considering that the game is going on greenlight like within this week and I still have exams to study for, this is going to have to do.


Initial designs for crossbow icon and spring spike trap for Aura of Worlds.

This is a WIP shot of the laser conduit trap for Aura of Worlds.

Been working on a Giant Worm enemy for Aura of Worlds. My next vid is probably going to be just shading variations and then the final video will be finalising the design. Which will be then put into the game 🙂 


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‘Lilies and Tea Lights’, done for a DeviantArt Challenge. 2016.

Annnd finally finished! Took ages but it’s done 😀

It’s still not finished >.> I’ve messed around with the water for a long time and it’s finally at a stage that I’m pretty happy with. The lighting and shadows are going to be super off but they still look nice? I think that’s what really matters anyway. 

I’m actually pretty happy with the way it’s turning out. I was planning on animating it but at this stage, I really ceebs. I might give it a go at some later stage? Maybe?? I’ll see how I feel once I’ve finished this. 

A little wip shot of an image I’m working on currently. I’ve messed with the composition of this for ages >.>