Steam Sales and Replica

I grabbed a few games on the steam sale. I think pretty much all indie games. Not the best idea I’ve had considering that I still haven’t finished Pokemon Moon and I still have hundreds of games to play, but ah well. So I actually played two of the games I picked up and finished them. These two short games were called Replica and Orwell.

I think I get pretty emotional when playing games, I get really invested in the plot and become very immersed because playing these two games made me feel very uncomfortable. Both deal with the idea of Big Brother Surveillance and I’m under the umbrella that if you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. I mean with cameras out on streets and stuff recording what’s going on. Y’know public
places. But I draw the line at cameras in people’s homes or monitoring people’s devices to see/ hear their private conversations. It’s just wrong. I’ve always thought that people can misconstrue what’s being said because they don’t personally know the people whose being monitored. And I guess that these games have just reinforced my beliefs about that. It’s even got me thinking about the cameras that are in public places, like I completely understand why they’re so useful but are we giving away our privacy? Is this just a stepping stone to making us okay with the idea with further surveillance, after all if we have nothing to hide surely we should be fine with it.

Anyway back to the games. Both I highly recommend playing. They’re both kind of visual novels? Except I reckon it has a lot less reading and is a bit more interactive.

In Replica, basically you’re cracking into somebody’s phone and rooting around looking for any evidence that they’re responsible for a terrorist attack. You immediately find out that the person who’s accused is almost 17 years old. That leads you to figuring out the passcode for the phone. Everything the person has done on their phone, what social media accounts they use, what they look up for an innocent school assignment is just used as
ammunition to keep them trapped. It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that they had nothing to do with it but everything you find is just twisted. Anything completely innocent is made out to be villainous. You just feel horrible playing it. But there’s this burning curiosity to look further, to see what they’ve been up to, who they’ve been talking to. You always have the choice to stop playing and now you’re complicit. You, the player, are just as guilty as the person who’s making you crack the phone.

The game has multiple endings depending on if you follow orders or not, or if you look deeper into what’s on the phone. I think I got most of them but I had to look up a walkthrough. Basically I was trying to find out what the secret code sms meant, because I couldn’t find anything to interact with. I had tried earlier to call the number but I didn’t
get anywhere with it. I kinda accidentally spoiled it for myself… just too damn curious, I guess.

Gonna have to split this post up into two since it’s getting pretty long. So next post will have my thoughts on Orwell.


So I’ve basically learned why it’s the best practice to use PHP when doing form validation and submission. You just can’t let the user see what your form is doing… you really just can’t. I mean I’ve always been taught it but after having completely broken a site using a simple spam script (using their own code to send through the data), it just reinforced those lessons. Hopefully there’s no hard feelings.

Welp so much for working on my game last night. I fell asleep as soon as I set up my laptop to look through my messed code Here’s hoping I can do some tonight.

So I’m going through my steam list and pruning all the games I’m never going to play. I’ve tried out a few of the smaller games and I have to say Bit.Trip Beat is pretty fun but it really screws with the eyes. Same with

boxeswithguns except that’s not that fun. I’ve hidden like 100 games so far. I just have so many…

Well. Found out a pretty major issue with using Discord. You can’t change the default general channel. So basically if we wanted to add in people who we aren’t comfortable sharing particular info with, they can get into the channel that we’ve been using for months and read everything. 

So now I’ve got a bot in, to delete all the message history for that channel. I mean its not really that much of a loss? We don’t really check over our history, but it still kinda sucks. Its going to take foreverrrr too. 

I think I’ve gotten back into collecting magic cards… Oops. 

So because I’m in a lovecraftian kick at the moment, I started picking up MTG: Eldritch Moon packs. And I’m really loving the art on them. Well all except the foil ones. I really hate the foil cards because they make the art really dark and the shine isn’t that impressive. I really prefer what Pokemon does, with the different variations on the foils and full arts. They look so much better. 

But yeah, here’s what rares and uncommons I’ve picked up so far.


 I don’t really know what the bronze colour means. I thought it was just another rare, but its really different. So is that rarer than rare? I’ve never seen that colour before.

I think my fave card of this lot is Emrakul, the Promised End because it just looks so cool. Plus all the 13s on it is really funny XD

Sigh organizing art is so time consuming. I have a few more pieces to put up on my portfolio site but its just ceebs cleaning them up and making them all nice for showing. Bleh.

Anyways here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on when I haven’t been swamped by assignment work.


This is a portal animation for the Necromancer Boss monster. Basically it summons monsters and this is the spawning monster animation. I’m definitely going to add more colours later on. But considering that the game is going on greenlight like within this week and I still have exams to study for, this is going to have to do.