Stupid copyright trolls

Alright, so I’m incredibly peeved at the moment. I uploaded a gameplay video of a game I made 4 years ago, to YouTube. Already its been struck with a copyright claim for the background music used. So I checked the song… and it sounds completely different. 

I went through the GDD of the game to find the exact song used and look to see what the copyright was for the background music in question. Guess what, it’s public domain. I can use it without attribution which is probably why I picked it in the first place.

So not only is the song claimed completely wrong but the music I used was public domain. Even though I’m not monetizing any of my videos, I’m sure as hell not letting somebody else make money off my work. If the dispute is rejected, I’m just going to remove the music entirely. Fuck that copyright troll, they’re getting shit all from me. They’re most likely getting shit all anyway, but that’s besides the point!