Minecraft Creations [Picture]

2016-02-01_04.23.27.pngBeen playing a bit of Minecraft lately. I’ve recently gotten back into it. This is the result of a fair few hours of work. I still haven’t finished it but I’ve moved onto a bigger better design in a better location.


An Update

My room’s cleaner now. I still need to do more but at least its navigate-able. Later on this week, I’ll be scanning in some of my pictures. Recently I’ve been playing heaps of Minecraft which is why I haven’t uploaded anything. I’m currently making a little town on a new world. I’ve built an observatory, a blacksmith and the beginnings of a tower. I’m not sure what to after I’ve built a farm… Probably a Bakery? Meh, I’ll think of something.

I have also been on Neopets which is another thing I’ve been on and off for years. I’ve had many accounts but my current one is the longest I’ve ever been with one. All the others were self-frozen. When I made that account however, I lied about my age to get past the age restriction on neofriends and neomail. I really need to start a new account that has my correct birth date but I’ve grown attached to the one I currently have…

Anyways, I’ll probably post tomorrow about something that’s happened. Actually, I’ll probably be talking about how excited I am about the course I’m taking. Tomorrow is enrolment day. 😀


Hoi there! Today I’ll be talking about the latest game I’ve been playing non-stop: Minecraft.

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