Finished the fanart for kr-studios’s game 😀 #picture #art #illustration #drawing #frog #princess #character #design #Tortuga

Jeez I don’t remember the last time I coloured something in with pencils. Might be something I have to invest in at a later stage. I love using traditional mediums. It sucks that I haven’t had the time to sit down and draw for fun.


Taking a #picture of this before I end up ruining it. It’s looking good so far XD This is a redesign of the previous frog princess fanart thing I did for kr-studios’s game because I really didnt like how the previous one turned out. #wip #sketch #illustration #art #frog #princess #Tortuga #fanart #character #design

The eyes really bother me. But I really like the rest of the design. Its like one of my few attempts with actually doing detailed clothing.

This was a redesign of a princess frog I did as fanart for @kr-studios‘s Tortuga, back in July of 2014. I wasn’t really happy with it so I never got around to finishing it.

Some work in progress fanart for @kr-studios‘s Tortuga, I did in August 2014. These were based off of his sketches here and a concept art piece he commissioned here