[Short Story] Cards

Turns out I’ve written a fair bit in 2010. Here’s yet another story. I don’t even know what I was doing with this one. It’s just full of the edge. Oh gore warning.

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I don’t even know what I was doing when writing this. This is from 2010. Probably should warn for absolutely terrible writing XD

Tumbling down a deck of cards, he fell into a door. The door of spades, as black as the nightmarish sky, opened allowing him to the garden of secrets. It wasn’t his fault that he had fallen onto the keeper of this realm. And it certainly wasn’t his fault when the beast attempted to catch him. He ran and ran through the pitch black nothing. Stumbling across the path of a skeleton, he found himself dead with shock.

He twisted out of his earthy dark bonds, breaking the lid of his coffin. Free, free at last to see the glittering moon. In a bony hand, he clutched the ace of spades. Oh, why was he lost in this strange place, this nightmare? He wasn’t a bad kid or so he believed. A bellowed roar echoed his need to run. He fled the keeper who still pursued the invader of his world. He pushed past the thickening fog, frightened that it was trying to keep him with the beast. But the fog wasn’t an enemy; no, the fog had helped him on his merry way to the next card: The two of spades. By now the boy had realised that he was meant to collect a whole suit. He travelled through the darkened woods and tripped over a small stone. There lay in front of him, two cards this time: Three and Four of Spades. They ran through the forest with the boy hot on their heels.  He had to get them; he had to get them he repeated in a mantra as the chase continued for some time. Tired and fed up with this childish game, the boy threw his two cards. Dual screams echoed through the unusually silent woods. He stumbled across their limp forms with the cards stuck in their backs, the delicious red candy spilling onto the grass. He realised as he watched it pour, that he was so hungry. So after collecting his cards, he sat down and had a few sips of the sweet liquid.

He felt warm, but so heavy. He lifted his hand to his face and watched transfixed as his bony fingers became fleshy. How had his hands become bony in the first place, he wondered with a slight frown but decided that if this was to go anywhere, he would have to go and get his suit. He now had in his possession, four cards. But there were so many left to collect and he felt disheartened at the fact, that he wouldn’t be able to see them again.

He found the next three in a pool of icky flesh parts. He wondered, briefly, why he was finding more and more: First one, then one, then two and now three? As he added the cards to his pocket, several figures rose from the ground. A figure so red with eyes of fire grinned at him with teeth so white.

“haaaa, Join us young one,” the figure hissed with such malice.

“Oh yesssss, join us!” The second one egged on, green as the leaves around them. But eyes lit with greed.

“No. I wouldn’t fit in, you see,” the boy attempted to reason with the ever approaching creatures, “You see, there are seven of you already. There just isn’t enough room for me.”

The obese one chuckled with a sinister tone, “But there is enough room. One of us is dead thanks to the keeper. Thea here was just about to pass on.”

The red figure looked sad for a bit but grabbed the boy, holding him up in the air for the other to inspect. They all nodded in agreement, seemingly satisfied with their choice.

“We need you, for us to be complete,” the obese one continued.

The world turned to nothingness as pain enveloped. He awoke alone, with his cards in his hand. But whereas before he had just a mere seven, he now had all except the king. He had almost completed the suit; all he was missing was the helmet.

He, with his bleeding black weapon went off to fight the keeper of this nightmare. He met with the foe at the doors of the diamond gate. It blocked his exit, even though they both knew that without the king, he was going nowhere. They fought valiantly against one, another. But there could be only one victor, just as the keeper was about to take the boy’s life, the boy surprised the dragon and lopped its head off. The true form had been revealed to him by the magic of the mirror sword, who told him the secrets that the keeper so desperately kept. The king’s crown: The helmet of Spades was his. Standing his new suit in front of the gate, it pulled him through into the forever days of the kingdom of the Diamond.

“Theaaaaa,” he heard the shadows call. He supposed any normal person would’ve been frightened by an unknown voice but this was comforting… familiar. But he was very suddenly broken from the trance as the uniformed rabbits hopped their merry way up to him.

“The king must see with you at once,” their orders final, he was dragged in chains to see the ruler.

“Unknown I may seem to be to you, you are actually quite familiar to me,” came the snotty voice of a tiny king, “Adam, you are leave at once and return to your world.”

Ah, his human name, he sneered in his mind. How he would love to wrap his hands around that piggish neck- What? Return to his world? The boy had no clue. He was very puzzled at the word “Adam”. Such a strange word that.

“But for me to return, I must collect the suits!” he yelled steadfast in his mission.

“You have been lied to, my boy. There is no need, no need at all to murder helpless innocents!” the king bellowed.

He is lying to us… We must kill him. He holds the King of Diamonds. We must get the head. Must—the boy hadn’t murdered anyone. He had vanquished the dragon and caught the cards he needed. Nobody had died… Nobody had…

The blood pouring from their small bodies, their eyes wide open in fear. The knives stuck deep in their backs, the breaking, and the crunching of bones. Their bands, their lives… on his… his arms…

Looking down, he saw. He really saw, what he was wearing. The stitched bracers dripping with blood, his chest… He was… wearing skin.

The breaking and crunching of bones.

No… No… it’s all just a nightmare, the boy shook his head. He would never kill anybody. Never… It’s just all in his head. The card suit, he needed to kill the evil Diamond King. He needed the card. We need his head. We need his soul and then we’ll be free.

More delicious red candy fell out as he vanquished the King. It pooled on the patterned tiles of red and black. Finally the bastard king was dead! We need the cards… we need the parts. We need the bodies. We need their souls.

The rabbit soldiers stood at attention and lunged their foolish attacks against the lone boy. He was vastly outnumbered but he easily tore through their bodies with his ever so powerful sword.

The bloodied claws, he was tearing at the skin, peeling it off in big chunky layers: Dripping fluids mingling with the already mangled bodies.

He shuddered. The nightmares were becoming more and more frequent. He looked at the room where which he laid. He screamed. The bodies of innocent men, women and children littered the floor, their limbs strewn everywhere. His hands clawed, bloodied.

“No!” He screamed, clawed hands covering his face. Tears mingling with the blood, “No… no… no…”

He rocked back and forth, repeating the mantra out loud, “This isn’t real. This isn’t real.”

He was a good boy. He didn’t do this, this was a lie. They were making him see this. He didn’t do this; he’d stopped the evil ones. They were angry at being defeated he realised; this is nothing but a lie. A plop echoed the halls as his helm fell from his head. He uncovered his eyes to see the fearful face of a man. Terror etched into his death face. A lie, this was all just a lie. He reassured hysterically. All a lie, all a lie, it’s all just a lie.

We need the cards. Then we’ll be free.

The scene became happy again. The fallen enemies, the bunnies, were laid on the ground in the red candy. He laughed joyfully; it had all been a lie.

Brandishing his sword, he tumbled through the empty halls. The silence was so thick that you could cut it with a knife and so he tried. A soft tune whistled through the cut silence and he found himself happy that he had found the queen: She, with her beautiful eyes and missing heart. Hearts belonged to the Domain of the Heart, you know. They kept it within their halls, locked under key.

Her pretty face was all ruined thanks to him, “Such tasty flesh,” he murmured to himself. He licked his bloodied claws clean of the delicious fluid. So tasty indeed; nodding eagerly, as he agreed with himself. He picked up the delicate hand of her highness and pocketed it in his bag: Another card down. Now off to the queen’s son: The Jack of Diamonds, the next prize.

The playful figure danced out of his reach. Another childish game, he sighed. He felt, just so angry… Why couldn’t they just let him out? The scream that echoed after the loud “SCHLIIIK!” rang in his ears. The card was tied tightly to the figure’s foot. Such a lovely place. ‘Perhaps,’ he mused to himself, ‘maybe I should tie things to my feet. It’d keep things out of my way. Or perhaps just tie my feet up so that I might not run. But why would I not want to run? It’d be nice to just relax and sleep.’

He, making up his mind, slept under that tree, snuggled up closely to the figure. It was quite cold, you see. And the figure was still warm.

Haaaaa… Ha….. Mustn’t resssssttttt… Must get cards (parts)…. Must get…. Bo- cards…. Body- cards. Body parts… Need new body… Must have a form. NEED MORE PARTS!

Wiping the sleep from his eyes he rose. Jack was laid in a limp heap beside him. He sighed sadly; he was a bit lonely now.