Wide Asleep App Pitch Document

For an assignment, we had to design a game/ app that would benefit people. So my group decided to do a sleeping app since we suffered from a lot of sleeping issues. I think later on we had to make a mock kickstarter for it? But yeah here’s the pitch for it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mykN1g9MGYZV_84fKVJUR0bW8vJUYLbUvYWO7LnIMWo/edit?usp=sharing “Wide AsleepContinue reading “Wide Asleep App Pitch Document”

Wide Asleep – Research Essay

So this is a research essay for a game-for-change game, I had to design during my Game Design Course. I decided upon a sleeping app that added gamelike elements to promote better sleeping habits and alert users of potential health risks associated with poor sleep. This was done with a good friend who designed allContinue reading “Wide Asleep – Research Essay”

Wide Asleep

jesyikaturner: Having a good sleep pattern is an alarming issue for most people with 90% of Australians suffering from some kind of sleep disorder during their lives.[1] Lack of sleep is linked with motor vehicle accidents, medical & occupational errors, disasters and a wide variety of health risks.[1] [2] Wide Asleep is designed to alert usersContinue reading “Wide Asleep”