Postmortem – BlockUP

BlockUp is a cooperative 2-player building block game where players are working together to get as high as possible before the rising lava catches them. It was developed by our five person team during one semester.  The game started off originally as “The World We Make” an experimental exploration of goalless cooperative multiplayer over aContinue reading “Postmortem – BlockUP”

Robot Card Game #7 So this is the redone draft. It’s pretty bare bones atm but we want it that way. We’ll be adding a lot more when we finally playtest this game, so we’re intentionally keeping it vague. There’s probably going to be a lot that’s changed. From our previous game doc, we removed a lot toContinue reading “Robot Card Game #7”

Build Your Way #1.5

jesyikaturner: It totally still works on android. Only problem is that I have to double tap things in order for it to register that I’ve clicked on them. Here’s hoping I can figure that out. It looks pretty nice too compared to how it looked before, so I’m going to keep with this style. TheContinue reading “Build Your Way #1.5”

Build Your Way #1

jesyikaturner: Getting back into some of my projects XD I’ve started designing the game for my android tablet. I had to completely redo all the scripts for it XD It was a long process but last time I checked, picking and placing tiles worked on my android tablet and so did moving the attackers. ButContinue reading “Build Your Way #1”

jesyikaturner: This is an old GDD for an assignment. It has quite the clichés when it comes to the plot. I had really high goals for this game and pretty much none of them were done. I didn’t understand scripting back then and so the game mechanics I planned to put in there justContinue reading