Weekly Update #5

Heya, not a big update this week. I started this week off with sorting out my old writing. Collating bits of stories into one document, naming things and putting their creation dates in the document. I like knowing when things were made because it helps me see how much I’ve progressed over the years. OneContinue reading “Weekly Update #5”

BlockUP Reflection

This is a rewrite of my postmortem post. Back when I wrote that up, I was still bitter about how it all went and didn’t really properly reflect on my own misgivings. So, this is me reflecting on what went wrong and how I can be better next time. BlockUP is a third-person building blockContinue reading “BlockUP Reflection”

December 2016 Entries

December 3rd I just spent the better part of this afternoon writing up an autoclicker for a game on Neopets XD I was manually clicking through and realized that it would be very easy to automate the process. It’s working pretty well atm, it automatically holds the important items and reloads the page once everyContinue reading “December 2016 Entries”

The Dilemma

“Oh no! Hunter on me!” he yelled, as he is shoved to the ground, claws of the creature tearing into him. “I’ve been smokered!” she cried out, hanging from the side of the building, as the common infected beat into her helpless body. Another is lying motionless on the ground. “Help us! Come out andContinue reading “The Dilemma”

Postmortem – BlockUP

BlockUp is a cooperative 2-player building block game where players are working together to get as high as possible before the rising lava catches them. It was developed by our five person team during one semester.  The game started off originally as “The World We Make” an experimental exploration of goalless cooperative multiplayer over aContinue reading “Postmortem – BlockUP”