An Argument for End-To-End Encryption

Messaging apps have a become a daily part of, their use is widespread globally and is completely integrated into the average person’s every-day form of communication. As of December 2017, one of the popular messaging apps, ‘What’s App’ announced that it had over 1.5 billion monthly active users.1 Most messaging apps use encryption (such asContinue reading “An Argument for End-To-End Encryption”

Device6 and The Stanley Parable Analysis

Device6 is an interactive novel on iOS devices. It won Excellence in Audio, and was a finalist for Excellence in Narrative, Excellence in Visual Arts, and Seumas McNally Grand Prize. It was also an honourable mention for the Excellence in Design and Nuovo Award. The player plays as Anne who is suffering from amnesia. AnneContinue reading “Device6 and The Stanley Parable Analysis”

What is Procedural Rhetoric and are the criticisms made against it by Miguel Sicart valid?

According to Sicart, as written in his piece “Against Procedurality”: Proceduralism often disregards the importance of play and players as activities that have creative, performative properties. In this sense, the meaning of a game, of any game, lies in its rules…In the proceduralist tradition, play is not central to understanding the meanings created by (playing)Continue reading “What is Procedural Rhetoric and are the criticisms made against it by Miguel Sicart valid?”

Wide Asleep – Research Essay

So this is a research essay for a game-for-change game, I had to design during my Game Design Course. I decided upon a sleeping app that added gamelike elements to promote better sleeping habits and alert users of potential health risks associated with poor sleep. This was done with a good friend who designed allContinue reading “Wide Asleep – Research Essay”

Narrative Exploration :: Silent Hill 3

jesyikaturner: The psychological horror Silent Hill 3 was developed by Team Silent and published by Konami in 2003. The game’s story follows the plot of the first Silent Hill game. Silent Hill 3 uses the Voyage and Return story archetype as written in “The Seven Basic Plots” by Christopher Booker along with occult references withContinue reading “Narrative Exploration :: Silent Hill 3”

Formal Properties of a Video Game – Silent Hill 2

One of the first essays I had to do for my Game Design course. I think I got a fairly good mark with decent comments. I’m pretty sure one of the criticisms for this was that it read more like a review at the beginning rather than an exploration of the game’s mechanics. Anyways enjoyContinue reading “Formal Properties of a Video Game – Silent Hill 2”