Something new I learned today: There was no medieval barracks, they’re called a guardhouse and the dungeons used to be at the top of towers. There also used to be some dungeons where it was a vertical slit and the people were lowered down into it and basically forced to stand for however long they were kept in there. 

The things you learn researching old towns for a d&d campaign >.>

To be fair though d&d is set in a fantasy medieval universe, so I could get away with getting a few things wrong.


So I’m writing a short D&D campaign to see how hard it is. What started out as a quickie has turned into a 5 hour+ session of research and thinking up situations that might arise. I also didn’t realize how much detail you have to put into areas to make them believable. 

I have the adventure hook part done, now I have to work on the main body of the quest. There’s like so many different areas, that I have to write descriptions for >.> And come up with NPCs to inhabit all the areas, like semi-important ones. This is going to be so long…

Basically there’s two lovers: Romeus and Julia (names are placeholders atm). They’ve been lovers for quite a while but Julia’s parents do not approve since Romeus is of a lower station. So Julia’s been forced into an arranged marriage and Romeus has been falsely accused and thrown into jail to stop him from interfering. Their fate is now up to the player’s actions/ or inaction and they have like a day to figure things out.

There’s a few different endings for this one, most are very tragic since the source inspiration for this is a tragedy.  

With the “holidays” coming to an end. I’m hoping that this semester of my Computer Science degree goes a lot better than my previous one. I found coping with a part-time job with doing 4 courses, really difficult. I’ve always had issues with time management and it showed big time with my results. I’m doing three courses now instead of the usual four, and hopefully that is enough.

I’m really looking forward to going back and continuing with my studies. Even though it’s going to get pretty hectic with juggling Uni, my part-time job and the pixel art I’ve been working on for a game.  I barely have the time to go out with friends.

We recently started up a DnD session where I DM, which is currently on hold. I never knew how much fun DnD was, we always wanted to try it but none of knew where to start. I picked up a starter kit at PAXAUS which I was volunteer manning a booth at, and it was one of the best ideas I’ve had in awhile. I’m really looking forward to our next DnD day! I picked up a new whiteboard because we figured out that having one to show the map and character positions made explaining things a lot easier. I’m thinking of looking around to find little figurines so we don’t have to keep erasing and redrawing the map.