Build Your Way

Sigh. So I thought I’d go back and work on my board game. I can’t remember how I was planning on writing the player controls, so I’m completely rewriting them again.

Currently playing tiles from the hands work but moving the attackers onto the tiles is broken. Also enabling the attacker movement script causes errors where it thinks it should be running when the player selects a hand tile and of course since there’s no attacker on a hand tile, it complains that there’s no attacker.

I’ve started playing around having states to try and fix this issue but my logic has gone wrong somewhere. I basically stayed up til 3am last night trying to get the blasted thing to work and now I’m dead tired. I’m going to try and fix these issues tonight.

I’ve decided to forego having a computer AI for the moment and just have it so two people can play it, both on PC and tablet. I’m going to redo the art assets so it looks all pretty. Also give it a menu screen and maybe some board variations? I just want to have one decent finished game XD

Robot Card Game #7

So this is the redone draft. It’s pretty bare bones atm but we want it that way. We’ll be adding a lot more when we finally playtest this game, so we’re intentionally keeping it vague. There’s probably going to be a lot that’s changed. From our previous game doc, we removed a lot to place the emphasis on unit variety and movement strategy rather than having traps and all that extra stuff. 

But yeah here it is 🙂


Build Your Way #4

Been redoing the tiles and exploring different shading for the buildings. I’ve also rewritten the player script. Neatening them up and stuff. Still no destroying tiles but thats next on the list.

Robot Card Game #6

So we’ve started redesigning the Robot Card Game. We still haven’t playtested but we felt like we wanted more of our own identity. It still has decks but now its more like a board game rather than a card game. We’re also looking into making it a digital board game. I’m thinking of using my Build Your Way game as a base. It’s going to need so much playtesting, but we’re a lot happier with this concept. Especially since we’re making it so much more simpler. Hoping to get the first draft up soon, but… exams.

A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea

So what if I remove rolling for turn order and add a speed stat to players and monsters? So instead players if their speed in the same as or higher than a monster’s, they get to go before the monster. Since combat is very basic, I don’t think it would matter too much if players then decided among themselves what order they attack in. 


Build Your Way #3

Going through some concepts for the buildings. I’m still not that happy with it but at least they look like bases now. Also destroying tiles still isn’t in but there’s now something to click on XD


Build Your Way #2

Slight changes. I’ve put in some code to switch off the computer ai and allow both sides to be played with so it’ll be easier to implement one player and two player modes. I’m thinking I should move the player controls into a new script XD