December 2016 Entries

December 3rd I just spent the better part of this afternoon writing up an autoclicker for a game on Neopets XD I was manually clicking through and realized that it would be very easy to automate the process. It’s working pretty well atm, it automatically holds the important items and reloads the page once everyContinue reading “December 2016 Entries”

Robot Card Game #7 So this is the redone draft. It’s pretty bare bones atm but we want it that way. We’ll be adding a lot more when we finally playtest this game, so we’re intentionally keeping it vague. There’s probably going to be a lot that’s changed. From our previous game doc, we removed a lot toContinue reading “Robot Card Game #7”

A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea

So what if I remove rolling for turn order and add a speed stat to players and monsters? So instead players if their speed in the same as or higher than a monster’s, they get to go before the monster. Since combat is very basic, I don’t think it would matter too much if playersContinue reading “A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea”

A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea

Was having an interesting discussion with @sykolamus about the possibility of a D&D inspired card game. I think there was a mention of randomly generated dungeons too based on another chat he was having with @kr-studios. I don’t even understand how that even works since the main point of D&D is the freedom of choiceContinue reading “A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea”

Build Your Way #1.5

jesyikaturner: It totally still works on android. Only problem is that I have to double tap things in order for it to register that I’ve clicked on them. Here’s hoping I can figure that out. It looks pretty nice too compared to how it looked before, so I’m going to keep with this style. TheContinue reading “Build Your Way #1.5”