I’ve been going out and giving concrit to some pieces I find on Deviantart. Why? Because I need to improve on using art terminology and I think that some people really need comments saying what was liked and what wasn’t. You don’t see it happening a lot on DA, which is pretty sad in my opinion.

Hearing/ Reading “that’s so awesome,” doesn’t really help people improve as an artist. Big words coming from me I guess, but thats how I feel.

I don’t really get enough concrit as I should be getting, which is very disappointing. I’m just hoping that if I do it to other people, they’ll be nice enough to go on my deviantart, and point out what they really like about my pieces.

I think I’ve gotten better at talking on the internet. Like a year ago, I’d seriously freak out whenever it came to responding to another person I didn’t know via the web. It’s nice not getting stressed about it anymore.


4 new posts to my DA account~

Paperparadise Magazine Cover
Dramatic Paper Cranes

Put up some pics on DA

Scribble Contest Entry
Mushrooms with some candles
Candles and Cups
Armless Animation

Ugg and Mo

Ugg 3D Typography
Wearing Some Shirts

Pawbot Animation

I finally finished my animation. ‘Tis’t that great but it does show what Pawbot is: a cat loving, acoholic robot. Even though he can’t actually drink the robot alcohol, which may or may not be oil.
Pawbot Animation

My deviantART pics

WIP Threads of Time

Ink Picture

Ink Picture
Work from a while back, that I finally got around to uploading. Enjoy.