I’m Not Scared #5

“Yeah?” “What’s going on?” Peter asked, sitting up away from him. Adam scratched his head, “My dad sorta wants to kill you.” “What!?” Peter exclaimed, “Why?” “He’s just like that; he never really liked his brother. And since you saw him when he killed him, he had to do away with any evidence. Red eyesContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #5”

I’m Not Scared #4

“Ow… My head,” Peter sat up, holding his throbbing head. Waiting for the headache to go away, Peter observed his surroundings; it wasn’t the bedroom he was in a couple of minutes ago. No. Instead he was in a filthy dank, ‘hallway?’ he asked himself fully alert now. ‘How on earth did I end upContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #4”

I’m Not Scared #1

So this was a creative writing assignment for the prompt ‘I’m not scared’, it had to have a character overcome their fear. This was from 2008. Peter pulled his jacket closer to his body, trying desperately to get warm. Oh how he hated his mother’s car, they never really had enough money to get a goodContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #1”