Home at last!

I was out camping for the past few days. It was fun, I guess. The few downsides to camping: spiders and not being able to sleep. I missed my bed very much. But it was still alright, eating marshmallows by a campfire is awesome when the smoke isn’t being blown in your face.

I spent the days there reading a book. It was really interesting but slightly disturbing. The book is Level 26: Dark Origins by Anthony E. Zuiker. It’s a fascinating read that I would recommend to anyone interested in serial killers and crime investigation.

Anyways back to working on my animation. I’ll be scanning in and uploading the background pieces to either DA or here.


I officially start my job tomorrow… Today I did a trial shift, to see if I was alright for the job. Turns out I was, luckily. But now… Well, I’m incredibly nervous about tomorrow. I did a bt of training today, so tomorrow shouldn’t be so bad. The people there are nice and helpful too. I guess it’s a bit much to get used to right away. That’s probably why I’m still nervous about it.

Anyways Cata is coming out soon which is awesome. The pre-events to Cata are funny. I did all the ones that were available to me. I’m really looking forward to it. I love the lore and quests in wow. And the new dungeons and raids… They require skill now which I suppose is good… except that Hunters now need to kite mobs around. >.> Which is something I need to get used to. I’ve been playing since a year after wow came out but I’ve only ever reached the max level in Wrath of the Lich King. So I don’t know all the tricks and stuff they used. I also never really needed to learn how to kite… Guess I do now.

I haven’t playing much wow though. Just the occasional hour or two. Currently I’ve been playing Legend of Edda. ‘Tis a great game. My highest is level 15. It’s a ranger called Taal. I’ve learnt how to kite well in that game, maybe it’ll carry onto wow. I hope so. It’d be awesome if that happened.