A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea

So what if I remove rolling for turn order and add a speed stat to players and monsters? So instead players if their speed in the same as or higher than a monster’s, they get to go before the monster. Since combat is very basic, I don’t think it would matter too much if players then decided among themselves what order they attack in. 

A D&D Inspired Card Game Idea

Was having an interesting discussion with @sykolamus about the possibility of a D&D inspired card game. I think there was a mention of randomly generated dungeons too based on another chat he was having with @kr-studios. I don’t even understand how that even works since the main point of D&D is the freedom of choice and the focus on the story-driven experience. But I decided to give it a go. 

First you remove the DM. If dungeons are determined by dice rolls and the cards are the monsters and items you find –  then there isn’t a need for a DM. How many monster cards are in the room is determined by a dice roll, so is if there is a chest in the room. Whether a chest is trapped or not is determined by a dice roll. A trapped chest reveals a monster card.

 You then remove all the standard stats and give everything health, attack and defense. Your dice roll must exceed the defense of the monster you’re attacking in order to hit. 

Now I guess the D&D aspect can be the players themselves describing how they attack the monster, or who attacks the monster etc. But that’s not really needed. 

Once a chest is looted, how many item cards picked up is determined by dice roll and loot is distributed by the players themselves.

Once a room is cleared, players that participated in the fight gain an increase in stats. The game ends when a boss monster card is drawn. So in among the monster card deck is a few boss monsters. 

I assume that health is either restored via potion cards or health is healed once the fight concludes. Either or, works. Attack order is probably also determined by dice roll. I’m not going to go into the map generation because since its never ending and the dungeon isn’t planned out. There’s no need to have multiple doors to choose from because ultimately they arrive to the same result. 

I guess I’ve covered everything. You’ll just need a 6 sided dice and two decks of cards. One deck is for monsters and the other is for the items. I think it should be simple enough to understand and play. This is just some thoughts and it probably needs a lot of balancing and stuff, good thing I’m not going to do anything with this XD