[Short Story] I’m Not Scared

Creative writing assignment from 2008. The prompt required us to have a character get over their fears. I had a bunch of trouble keeping within the word limit.

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Haha, this is my first forays into using Photoshop, apparently from 2008. I cut out my pen sketches and did some terrible colour changed, overlay, collage thing. The character in the left is Rixa. She was a homicidal maniac which is why she’s completely covered in blood. Super edgey amirite XD

I’m Not Scared #4

“Ow… My head,” Peter sat up, holding his throbbing head. Waiting for the headache to go away, Peter observed his surroundings; it wasn’t the bedroom he was in a couple of minutes ago. No. Instead he was in a filthy dank, ‘hallway?’ he asked himself fully alert now. ‘How on earth did I end up here?’ Peter noticed it was nearly pitch black, the only light source was a ‘ball? How does a ball glow,’ he looked at the ball that lay beside him.

Picking it up, he held it in front of his face and grinned goofily. ‘Huh?’ he looked beyond the ball and dropped it in shock. There. There on the wall were smears of red. ‘Blood,’ he realised horrified. Looking around panicked he noticed it was all around, even on him. Freaking out Peter pushed himself against the wall behind him and squeezed his eyes heart pounding. He knew he had to get out of there but he was too scared. ‘Is there even a way out?’ he thought hopelessly, ‘How did I end up here in the first place? I remember playing that game and going to bed but how…?’ Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he took a deep breath.

He walked over to the ball and picked it up. Peeking open one eye Peter fought off the urge to panic. ‘O-okay,’ Peter started walking down the corridor, lightly stepping over a disembodied head. On and on until found a doorway. Peter entered cautiously but once he had fully entered the room, he was locked in by a large, ‘moving?’ wall.

‘Okay so I’m stuck, there’s gotta be a way out,’ he thought as he searched for an exit or hole, anything to get out. Up, he looked. ‘There!’ there, in the ceiling was a trapdoor. ‘But how can I reach that?’ he thought uselessly looking at his arms, ‘I’m too short.’

Giving up, Peter sat against the wall. ‘I wonder where mum…’ his train of thought was cut off as the room jerked and the walls started to close in, the room seemed to get smaller because the trapdoor within minutes became reachable. Peter reached out his arms, opening his hands wide to grab a hold of it of the handle. But at the same time forgot about the ball of light in his hands. It dropped to the ground and rolled along until… ‘Click’. The floor started to rumbled even more and then he was falling. For a second then he jerked to a stop as his hand held onto the handle. He realised that couldn’t support his weight as it fell open, leaving him dangling above a pit of spikes.

He could see them even in the darkness because the ball was stuck between them; it gave off a ghostly glow, highlighting the bloody rotting guts of past victims. Swallowing, Peter moved his other hand to grasp firmly onto the handle but he could feel the door slowly start to come away. Tears pricked his eyes, this was the end. He knew it.

“Peter!” Peter looked up to see a shadowed figure leaning over the edge, a hand stretched out towards him, “Grab my hand!”

Peter shook his head and closed his eyes. That monster was back, ‘I want my light back,’ he thought pathetically. Slowly the door came loose and he was falling. Falling, until he was stopped, he opened his eyes to see the figure holding his wrist tightly, the glowing red eyes locked directly onto him. Peter grabbed onto the hand and was pulled up.

Holding onto the figure burying his head into the other’s chest he cried. The figure whispered words of comfort to him until Peter realised who it was.


Almost Dead #4

I bowed my head. I couldn’t take this thing down, not injured the way I was. I couldn’t even run. I chuckled grimly. This was the end. I could also hear the growls of the witch, much closer now, probably behind me or next me. I hadn’t checked. Nor did I want to. From what I’ve heard those things were creepy looking.

The witch finally started to scream as the shaking, the thundering steps became loud. But instead of feeling the claws dig into me or a fist bash me away, the tank roared in agony. I looked up surprised. The stupid tank had startled the witch. It was slashing away at the thing. The tank was trying desperately to defend itself from the witch’s wrath. Deciding not to dawdle there any further, I pulled my companion onto my back. With great difficulty I managed to stand up, wincing in pain as I put weight onto my left foot. I limped away, the battle between the witch and the tank continuing on behind me. I found my rifle a bit away from us; I picked it up and dragged it along the ground as I struggled to carry him.

Each step was getting harder and harder as I fought to keep awake. I guess the loss of blood was finally catching up on me. I could see barely the spray painted sign of a safe room. I continued, hobbling along, almost tripping to get to the safe room. As I neared it, I could hear coughing. It was a smoker… I couldn’t. No. I began to look frantically about. Could I even fire this thing one handed? I spotted the smoker on top of one of the safe room. It had finally decided to show itself. I dropped to my knees and letting go of my companion, gripped the rifle with both hands. I managed after a couple of shots to get in the chest. I laughed tiredly in triumph at my victory. I picked my companion back up and with renewed vigour pushed my body to get to the safe room.

I dropped my companion on a nearby bed and proceeded even though my muscles protested fiercely bolted the doors to the safe room. Finally… we were safe. I leant against the door, sliding along the rough surface til I was sat on the ground leaning against it. Tiredly, I closed my eyes to take a nap.   

Almost Dead #3

I bowed my head. I couldn’t take this thing down, not injured the way I was. I couldn’t even run. I chuckled grimly. This was the end. I could also hear the growls of the witch, much closer now, probably behind me or next me. I hadn’t checked. Nor did I want to. From what I’ve heard those things were creepy looking.

We couldn’t take one, not with just the two of us. It was a miracle that we even managed to kill the other one.  I pulled my companion with me into one of the shipping containers, trying to hide from the foul creature. The grunting got louder as it came closer to where we were. I pressed myself up against the container’s side, trying to calm my rapid breathing. The ground stopped shaking and I realised with a jolt that either it was going to throw something at us or… The whole container was sudden hefted up into the air. It wobbled slightly and then we were thrown. The feeling of flying through the air, pressed against the wall was indescribable. I felt like my heart was going to burst of my chest. I was only dimly aware that the crying that we had heard earlier was getting loudly. 

The container hit the ground roughly, and we were thrown against the sides, hard. I could feel something warm drip down along my face. I reached up, shaking to my head and pressed my palm against my forehead. Pulling it away, I saw blood. A lot of blood. God… I felt so weak. I pressed my palm back against my head and looked around for my companion. What was his name again? He’d introduced himself to me a while back but I guess with all that had happened, I just couldn’t remember. I looked around the dark container; I saw his broken form a short distance away from me. I crawled over, dragging my sore legs against the rusted metal. He was laying face first in the ground, so I pushed him over onto his back. God his head was bleeding badly. I shook his shoulder lightly. Either he was unconscious… I felt for his pulse, it was faint but… 

The tank was still there. I could feel the shaking getting worse as it got closer. And now I could see it too.


Almost Dead #2

I covered my face. It was so hot. But now… how were we going to find them? Were they dead? A yelp alerted me to the fact that my companion was now in trouble. I turned to see them hung up against one of the shipping containers, held by one those things’ tongues. The other two had called them ‘Smokers’. I aimed my rifle at it and missed terribly. God, I was shaking too badly. I ran over getting closer and shot this time at the tongue.

My companion was finally released and fell down onto the ground. They mouthed a small thank you before turning and shooting it in the chest. Its guts sprayed down on us and I shuddered in disgust. I picked off my cheek one of its bits and flicked it away, feeling quite sick. How revolting.

We kept moving, trying to find another way through. We weren’t being troubled by many zombies, which was making our progress a lot easier but was confusing the hell out of me. We had encountered heaps earlier but now… I could hear a faint crying in the distance which could only mean one thing: It was a witch. I hadn’t seen one before but the other two had. We always tried to find another way around if we heard crying. Just in case, they always said. We were silent as we snuck around, well as silent as one could get while walking on rubble. There was still the occasional scraping noise as we stepped on pieces that were loose and the continuous crunching. But at least we weren’t making loud noises. They were attracted to loud noises. I clutched my rifle closer to my chest; the lack of any screams was making me nervous. But the silence was short lived, a familiar roar echoed out chilling me. The ground started to shake violently. It was one of them: One of the huge ones. The others had called it a ‘Tank’ and I could understand why. It was surprising that our bullets could even affect it.


Almost Dead #1

I should preface that this short story was inspired by a dream I had one night, back in like 2010. It doesn’t feature any of the characters from Left 4 Dead, it just uses the infected.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe, I had been running for so long. I stopped at a corner waiting for the others to catch. The sound of bullets being fired was slowly getting louder, telling me that they were still after us. I looked around; there along the corridor were a few of them, standing stupidly. I aimed my rifle to their rotten heads and took them off one by one, smearing the already blood-stained floor with fresh blood. I heard gurgling behind me, the tell tale sign that it was one of the fat ones, so I turned around to see it right where I’d thought it was: right behind me, it’s lifeless eyes staring at me. I almost screamed but I managed to swallow it down. Instead I bashed it away. I shot at it making it explode when I determined that it was far enough away from me. Pukers… I couldn’t stand them. I shook my head and turned my focus back to my surroundings.

It was silent. Something grabbed my shoulder and I whirled around in fear to see to my relief, the familiar faces of my companions. I gave them a small smile before gesturing towards the hall I had just cleaned out. We ran along it quickly, taking out the ones that were in the rooms we passed. There was one of those push doors at the end which we didn’t slow down for, no we pushed through it. It led us to an open spaced area. We were finally outside. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that dark. I observed the area, trying to make out a route. I had no clue where we were trying to go but I just knew that we had to go this way. Why there were shipping containers outside of the building were just in, was beyond me. There was a rather large one out in front of us. Two my companions were impatient and instead of staying with us and keeping a lookout, ran towards it leaving us trailing behind. They disappeared into the container and just as we were getting close, it exploded.