Game Designers

I have to choose one of them to do an oral presentation on… Fun. I really hate speaking in front of a group of people, it terrifies me. It would be great that I get over this at some point.

Nicolas Bouvier “Sparth” – ‘Artistic Director and Concept Designer’.
Sparth > Concept design & visual development
David Levy “Vyle” – ‘Leading International Concept Artist’. >> the art of David Levy
Thierry Doizon “BARONTiERi” – ‘Concept Designer/ Art Director’.
Barontieri Creative Designer
Patrick Desgreniers – ‘Concept Artist’.
Patrick Desgreniers
Nicolas Ferrand – ‘Concept Designer’.
Sebastien Larroude “Rainart” – ‘Concept Artist’.
sebastien larroude
R-A-I-N-A-R-T on deviantART
Rainart blogus

I think I’ll choose Sebastien Larroude to my presentation on. I like his work and it’s relatively easy to find information on him.