Just a little sneakpeek of the next monster that’s going to be added to Aura of Worlds. Here’s a progression of some of the changes that were made to it.


Initial designs for crossbow icon and spring spike trap for Aura of Worlds.

This is a WIP shot of the laser conduit trap for Aura of Worlds.

Been working on a Giant Worm enemy for Aura of Worlds. My next vid is probably going to be just shading variations and then the final video will be finalising the design. Which will be then put into the game 🙂 

I started working on this again to see what they would look like if I actually finished off their designs. I played around with changing the colours a bit too. I’m pretty happy with how they’re turning out. 


Wow… it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been super busy with my Bachelor of Computer Science, but I managed to find some time for this XD

This is a project I’ve been doing some of the art for. It’s called Aura of Worlds and you can find out some more details at http://www.auraofworlds.com/. With PAXAUS around the corner, this is one of the logo variations for the panel. 

This isn’t all my work, it’s collaborative effort 😛 

More chest variations for Aura of Worlds. This is the big chest which holds equipable items and health potions.