An Argument for End-To-End Encryption

Messaging apps have a become a daily part of, their use is widespread globally and is completely integrated into the average person’s every-day form of communication. As of December 2017, one of the popular messaging apps, ‘What’s App’ announced that it had over 1.5 billion monthly active users.1 Most messaging apps use encryption (such asContinue reading “An Argument for End-To-End Encryption”

The Dilemma

“Oh no! Hunter on me!” he yelled, as he is shoved to the ground, claws of the creature tearing into him. “I’ve been smokered!” she cried out, hanging from the side of the building, as the common infected beat into her helpless body. Another is lying motionless on the ground. “Help us! Come out andContinue reading “The Dilemma”

Wide Asleep App Pitch Document

For an assignment, we had to design a game/ app that would benefit people. So my group decided to do a sleeping app since we suffered from a lot of sleeping issues. I think later on we had to make a mock kickstarter for it? But yeah here’s the pitch for it. “Wide AsleepContinue reading “Wide Asleep App Pitch Document”

Postmortem – BlockUP

BlockUp is a cooperative 2-player building block game where players are working together to get as high as possible before the rising lava catches them. It was developed by our five person team during one semester.  The game started off originally as “The World We Make” an experimental exploration of goalless cooperative multiplayer over aContinue reading “Postmortem – BlockUP”

What is Procedural Rhetoric and are the criticisms made against it by Miguel Sicart valid?

According to Sicart, as written in his piece “Against Procedurality”: Proceduralism often disregards the importance of play and players as activities that have creative, performative properties. In this sense, the meaning of a game, of any game, lies in its rules…In the proceduralist tradition, play is not central to understanding the meanings created by (playing)Continue reading “What is Procedural Rhetoric and are the criticisms made against it by Miguel Sicart valid?”

I’m Not Scared #5

“Yeah?” “What’s going on?” Peter asked, sitting up away from him. Adam scratched his head, “My dad sorta wants to kill you.” “What!?” Peter exclaimed, “Why?” “He’s just like that; he never really liked his brother. And since you saw him when he killed him, he had to do away with any evidence. Red eyesContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #5”

I’m Not Scared #4

“Ow… My head,” Peter sat up, holding his throbbing head. Waiting for the headache to go away, Peter observed his surroundings; it wasn’t the bedroom he was in a couple of minutes ago. No. Instead he was in a filthy dank, ‘hallway?’ he asked himself fully alert now. ‘How on earth did I end upContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #4”

I’m Not Scared #3

“No… Left not right, oh here, let me have a go,” Peter yanked the Game boy off of Adam and fiddled with it until, “There!” Adam glared at him, “Can you stop doing that!” he exclaimed, “I was just checking if I had missed something.” Peter was about to protest when, they heard Peter’s motherContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #3”

I’m Not Scared #2

“Peter?” Peter snapped back to the present and saw his mother’s worried gaze, “Are you alright?” “Y-Yeah,” Peter replied shakily, heart still beating fast. Her worried look quickly melted into a loving and reassuring gaze, “We’re here, sweetie,” she said, softly. Peter nodded and looked out and saw the house. Peter swallowed, “We’re going toContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #2”

I’m Not Scared #1

So this was a creative writing assignment for the prompt ‘I’m not scared’, it had to have a character overcome their fear. This was from 2008. Peter pulled his jacket closer to his body, trying desperately to get warm. Oh how he hated his mother’s car, they never really had enough money to get a goodContinue reading “I’m Not Scared #1”