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‘Shoot the Zombies’, done for a school assignment. 2009.

Funny story about this one. I did this piece to spite my art teacher because she wanted me to stop drawing with pen/pencil and start using different mediums. I really didn’t enjoy using paints and everything was so messy and gross to use. Plus I didn’t enjoy cleaning up the huge messes. 

I promptly went straight back to drawing and using pen/pencil after this piece. XD

Haha, this is my first forays into using Photoshop, apparently from 2008. I cut out my pen sketches and did some terrible colour changed, overlay, collage thing. The character in the left is Rixa. She was a homicidal maniac which is why she’s completely covered in blood. Super edgey amirite XD

Initial designs for crossbow icon and spring spike trap for Aura of Worlds.

This is a WIP shot of the laser conduit trap for Aura of Worlds.

I was looking through deviantart a while ago when I stumbled across a picture of a keyboard bow thing. The concept interested me and how I could interpret the idea a different way to how the artist drew it. And these were what I came up with. 

My fave are the top two. I just can’t choose one XD

Been working on a Giant Worm enemy for Aura of Worlds. My next vid is probably going to be just shading variations and then the final video will be finalising the design. Which will be then put into the game 🙂 

I recently picked up Pokemon Art Academy because EB is having a huge sale. I figured that since I spent most of my time on the train, being able to do some kind of art during that time would get me into a drawing mood again. It was sort of a success XD When I’m not catching up on sleep, it’s great to have. Anyways this was drawn on the train 😛