Portfolio Blog Progress #1

Been sketching up a wireframe for my portfolio blog while watching a Fallout 4 speedrun. I really want to make something custom, pretty and responsive. So I’m going to have a fun time working out the coding tricks that tumblr uses XD

But this is going to happen way later, as I have like a bunch of Pixel Art animations to work on and then there’s that DnD campaign that I’m still working on too. Its… getting there. Have to write up about Orwell too XD

I’ve been using Todoist to write down all the things I’m planning on doing. There’s a lot. I want to get back into doing art time-lapses, but I also have to do up my youtube channel with a consistent branding as my portfolio blog. My personal blog also needs to be consistent with my portfolio too. Sigh. Here’s hoping that having these written down will keep me on track.


Just a little sneakpeek of the next monster that’s going to be added to Aura of Worlds. Here’s a progression of some of the changes that were made to it.

So I’ve been listening to the Moana OST and just loving it. I got inspired to do a picture of Moana and realised how long its been since I’ve drawn a human XD. It’s okay I guess. 


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‘Shoot the Zombies’, done for a school assignment. 2009.

Funny story about this one. I did this piece to spite my art teacher because she wanted me to stop drawing with pen/pencil and start using different mediums. I really didn’t enjoy using paints and everything was so messy and gross to use. Plus I didn’t enjoy cleaning up the huge messes. 

I promptly went straight back to drawing and using pen/pencil after this piece. XD

Haha, this is my first forays into using Photoshop, apparently from 2008. I cut out my pen sketches and did some terrible colour changed, overlay, collage thing. The character in the left is Rixa. She was a homicidal maniac which is why she’s completely covered in blood. Super edgey amirite XD

Initial designs for crossbow icon and spring spike trap for Aura of Worlds.

This is a WIP shot of the laser conduit trap for Aura of Worlds.