Just a little sneakpeek of the next monster that’s going to be added to Aura of Worlds. Here’s a progression of some of the changes that were made to it.


Sigh organizing art is so time consuming. I have a few more pieces to put up on my portfolio site but its just ceebs cleaning them up and making them all nice for showing. Bleh.

Anyways here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on when I haven’t been swamped by assignment work.


This is a portal animation for the Necromancer Boss monster. Basically it summons monsters and this is the spawning monster animation. I’m definitely going to add more colours later on. But considering that the game is going on greenlight like within this week and I still have exams to study for, this is going to have to do.


Knight Walkcycle WIP by jesyikaturner
Still working on this XD

This was a WIP Walkcycle for a game that ended up going nowhere. I animated this on Photoshop which was hell. One of these days I’m going to go back and actually finish this. 

Put up some pics on DA

Scribble Contest Entry
Mushrooms with some candles
Candles and Cups
Armless Animation

Pawbot Animation

I finally finished my animation. ‘Tis’t that great but it does show what Pawbot is: a cat loving, acoholic robot. Even though he can’t actually drink the robot alcohol, which may or may not be oil.
Pawbot Animation

Too Busy with Animation

Currently working on an animation, so no time for a picture post. Though I will post up my finished animation sometime next week on my deviantART account.

Animation and Contrast piece

Forest Animation
I FINALLY finished my animation. It took so long but now its finally decent enough to submit.

Contrast Panels
Contrast in shape, contrast in size and contrast in colour, with a triad colour scheme.