AC:R Med Defence

This part of the game is so like a Facebook game, its not funny. You have to keep going back to check on your city’s control percentage and do missions over and over to keep it at 100%. If you don’t then your cities get attacked by the templars and if you don’t protect that city, the templars take it back from you.

The missions all have a chance of failure if your assassin’s aren’t the right level then they’ll either die or get wounded. Sure it’s good for money, but it’s such a time sink. It’s not even that fun, it’s like work.

I had a game-breaking bug where when my assassin failed the mission, the game would crash and I’d have to turn it off and restart it. Since the mission had a 47% chance of succeeding, I had to keep restarting till it worked. It was such BS. I seriously thought I’d have to start a new game which would’ve sucked so much. I had JUST finished buying the whole city.

So yeah if you encounter that bug, keep restarting, you’ll eventually get a successful mission.