Wide Asleep – Research Essay

So this is a research essay for a game-for-change game, I had to design during my Game Design Course. I decided upon a sleeping app that added gamelike elements to promote better sleeping habits and alert users of potential health risks associated with poor sleep. This was done with a good friend who designed all the images. I don’t know if I still have all the files but it looked really good in my opinion.

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Formal Properties of a Video Game – Silent Hill 2

One of the first essays I had to do for my Game Design course. I think I got a fairly good mark with decent comments. I’m pretty sure one of the criticisms for this was that it read more like a review at the beginning rather than an exploration of the game’s mechanics. Anyways enjoy 🙂

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Minecraft Creations [Picture]

2016-02-01_04.23.27.pngBeen playing a bit of Minecraft lately. I’ve recently gotten back into it. This is the result of a fair few hours of work. I still haven’t finished it but I’ve moved onto a bigger better design in a better location.

I found a bunch of old livestream videos I did while playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent. Can you believe that they’re from 2012? It’s surprising that they’re still on my computer. I decided that I would go through and increase the gamma for them because it wasn’t so dark. There were quite a number of funny things, even though hearing my own voice is cringeworthy.

The resolution for them is absolutely terrible but they’re still watchable, I found this out when trying out the different export methods in Premier Pro. I managed a reasonable one but it’s still boxed in. It also took over an hour to render since the combined footage was over 5 hours.

I have to go through and make a version with all the big pauses cut out since I was playing it with a friend of mine and they got stuck at a part. Plus there was another part where I was just running around with no clue where to go/ what to do. I had to have somebody look up a walkthrough for me. Yeah, it’s lame, but at that point I wanted to just finish the game since my friend wimped out on me. Pretty much my enjoyment was listening to them freak out over jumpscares.

I wonder if I still have the other livestream videos I did…

Defender’s Quest #5

Warning: More spoilers ahead! Turn back now or suffer the consequences.

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Defender’s Quest #4

Warning: Getting into spoiler territory here! If you haven’t played the game and don’t want it ruined for you, don’t read this XD

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Defender’s Quest #3

I love this game so much. The character’s interactions with each other is hilarious. My favourite member of the team is the odd warrior. There was this one point where he was calling the knight (who was a prince?) a sissy for wearing armour and only true fighters go without clothes. The knight pointed out that he’s wearing pants, so he replies with “Not anymore” and disappears off screen. Then it goes into the before battle screen and the main character, asks him why he’s not wearing any pants and tells him to put some on or he wasn’t going to get a chance to fight.