BlockUP Reflection

This is a rewrite of my postmortem post. Back when I wrote that up, I was still bitter about how it all went and didn’t really properly reflect on my own misgivings. So, this is me reflecting on what went wrong and how I can be better next time. BlockUP is a third-person building blockContinue reading “BlockUP Reflection”

Weekly Update #3

Hi all! I’ve been working on Realms of War more. I’m moving a lot more of the calculations to the server rather than handling client-side. I’m trying my damndest to make it secure without having to use React since currently its very basic. I might have to bit the bullet on that though… Thankfully I’mContinue reading “Weekly Update #3”

December 2016 Entries

December 3rd I just spent the better part of this afternoon writing up an autoclicker for a game on Neopets XD I was manually clicking through and realized that it would be very easy to automate the process. It’s working pretty well atm, it automatically holds the important items and reloads the page once everyContinue reading “December 2016 Entries”

Postmortem – BlockUP

BlockUp is a cooperative 2-player building block game where players are working together to get as high as possible before the rising lava catches them. It was developed by our five person team during one semester.  The game started off originally as “The World We Make” an experimental exploration of goalless cooperative multiplayer over aContinue reading “Postmortem – BlockUP”

Robot Card Game Entries #1

April 10th I’ve been working on game design document with sykolamus and reimou for a mecha card game (kind of based off kr-studios card game), temporarily named ‘Mecha Awesome Card Game’. I’ve got like 7 pages so far of just working out the gameplay and all the rules. We haven’t even started on creating anyContinue reading “Robot Card Game Entries #1”

Build Your Way #5

I’ve begun rewriting the code for my game yet again. The way the graphics are laid out is completely different than it was before. Instead of there being three layers of objects, there’s now just two: the tiles and the attackers that need to be moved. The attackers aren’t actually interactable, they just sit onContinue reading “Build Your Way #5”

There’s also more than just the art direction. I feel that the players don’t have a clear goal. Why do they want to keep building into the sky? Why do they want to work together with other players? I just don’t think playtesting will help. What we need is a design document but we currentlyContinue reading

I’ve completely lost motivation for my group project… I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tired or I feel that the game wouldn’t be fun or that I just don’t like the art direction. I mean I’ve put a fair bit of thought into the game today. We for some reason decided that theContinue reading