Changing things up!

It’s time that I change up my title/ tagline. I find it a little sad to see them go since they’ve remained the same for almost 6 years. But change is good, and a necessary part of life. They don’t really reflect me or what’s on my blog. Well.. actually they do a bit, but they’re very generic.

Now comes my dilemma, I don’t have any idea what to change them to. My mind just blanks. It sadly happens a lot when coming up with names or titles for things. One time during my game design course, my team was assigned the name “Placed Team 3”. We were meant to change during the development of our game but it never happened because none of us could come up with a better name. It came to presentation day and we stood in front of the class and delivered our game under that team name with a straight face. The game name wasn’t that better, it was called “Area 11 Sector 7”. We jokingly named our game after a play on the store name “7 11”. To be honest though, that game didn’t have a chance…

Ahh I’m going off-topic now. I can reminisce on old games in another post. Anyways, there’s going to be some changes and they’re going to happen soon.

A New Start

Bit of a late start but hey.

My original goal for this blog was to get over my anxiety with talking/ writing on the internet. I’d like to think I’ve improved since then, but I still find myself stuck when it comes to communicating to others my ideas/ thoughts. My new goal is to connect with others and improve upon my communication skills.That’s pretty much why this is public rather than a diary. I’d also like to develop a consistent posting schedule and stick to it. My aim is to post at the very least once a week.

It’s probably time that I do a proper and updated introduction. My name is Jess, I’m 22 years old and still a student. Since the beginning of my blog, I’ve completed my Certificate IV in Design and a Bachelor of Design (Games). I’m now currently doing a Bachelor of Computer Science. I’ve dipped my toes in the Games Industry and I’m loving what I’ve done so far. It’s something I definitely want to pursue further.

Now onto my hobbies, since they’re what I’ll be blogging on mostly. I love video games, pretty much all of them except fighters. Those are fun to play for a couple of hours but after that they get really boring and repetitive. I much rather games that focus on simulation, or have a really engaging story.

Speaking of story, that leads me onto my next hobby which is… reading. I love supernatural, romance, crime, adventure and fantasy kinds of books. I especially love terribly written, angsty over-melodramatic stories. I think that comes from all the awful fanfiction I read while growing up, it has a special place in my heart.

I am an artist, so I’ll be posting my art pieces that I draw in my spare time and for projects on here. I’ve done traditional art, digital art, animation and pixel art. Currently I’m doing pixel art for the game Aura of Worlds, I’ve been working on that since the start of last year. So intermixed my thoughts/ life events, you’ll get to see some of my interesting works. I can’t say I’m much of a movie kind of gal, but I do watch a lot of tv-shows which means there’ll probably be a few things on what I end up watching.

I guess that’s about it. Until next time 🙂