Soma #1


Warning: Spoilers.

I played SOMA recently, for the first time ever and sadly had no end of technical issues when I tried to play this game. I don’t know if it’s something to do with my PS4 or it’s the copy of the game I own. But they were game-breaking because I couldn’t get past the part where Catherine tells Simon to get to the tram. It would either freeze or stay stuck on a black screen with all the controls and UI functional. I tried restarting my PS4, but that didn’t work. I could’ve probably done more to try and fix it but I really couldn’t be bothered at that point. So basically this is the first part of a few wherein I talk about how much I was able to play through.

I’m a huge fan of Frictional Games work. My first experience with their games was Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I found people playing it on Youtube and I loved watching their reactions. It’s what made me want to experience it for myself. Of course since I had watched numerous playthroughs from my favourite Youtubers, I knew my way through which probably made the game a lot less scary for me. I loved the environment designs and the monsters. I loved how twisted the story became and how it made you question your actions. I love their attention to detail with the environments and how they drip feed you the story through the gameplay.

It’s what made me pre-order the next in the series: A Machine For Pigs. I played part way through the Penumbra series while waiting, to see the origins of their horror game development. And I can definitely say, Amnesia was a big improvement in terms of atmosphere compared to the Penumbra series. I loved A Machine For Pigs when it was released. I didn’t find it that scary and compared to The Dark Descent, the gameplay wasn’t that great (I might write about why in a blog post later). I loved the story and I think The Chinese Room is great with writing a compelling story and creating beautiful environments. So when Soma was announced, I was interested. I followed all the promotional videos that they released on their site, and I was hooked.

Basically I went into the game just knowing what they used to market the game. I preordered it as soon as it was announced and it’s only now that I’ve been able to get the chance to play it for myself. Which is why I’m a little disappointed that it wouldn’t work for me and because I really wanted to know what it was about, I went and watched some gameplay videos of it after giving up. So now I know the whole story and I regret not trying harder to get it to work.

Next part I actually start talking about the opening 🙂


Portfolio Blog Progress #2

This is what I’ve decided upon for the general idea of the index page. Still need to add some more, minute details for accessibility and maybe hover colour for the navigation bar. I like this muted colour scheme, its not too harsh on the eyes and it will push the art to the forefront. I am thinking of putting a texture into the background to make it less plain. I should also do some thinking about what fonts I want to use for the site. 

The entire content body is within 750 px, so it should be fine on most computer screens. I think it should also be okay for most tablets? So I really only need to code for two different sizes. I could maybe also make a design for bigger size screens to make use of all that empty space… Hm.. I’ll do some thinking about that.

Portfolio Blog Progress #1

Been sketching up a wireframe for my portfolio blog while watching a Fallout 4 speedrun. I really want to make something custom, pretty and responsive. So I’m going to have a fun time working out the coding tricks that tumblr uses XD

But this is going to happen way later, as I have like a bunch of Pixel Art animations to work on and then there’s that DnD campaign that I’m still working on too. Its… getting there. Have to write up about Orwell too XD

I’ve been using Todoist to write down all the things I’m planning on doing. There’s a lot. I want to get back into doing art time-lapses, but I also have to do up my youtube channel with a consistent branding as my portfolio blog. My personal blog also needs to be consistent with my portfolio too. Sigh. Here’s hoping that having these written down will keep me on track.

Off to Adelaide

Currently on a trip to Adelaide during the hot time of the year. Here’s hoping that every place I stay at has air conditioning XD

I’m planning on doing a bunch of drawing while I’m away from a proper internet connection XD Bit of traditional and maybe some pixel art. So basically I won’t be posting much til the 4 or 5th which is when I get back home.

I might post up some photos I’ve taken while I’m away too. Maybe.. I’ll see how I feel about it when I get back.

So I’ve basically learned why it’s the best practice to use PHP when doing form validation and submission. You just can’t let the user see what your form is doing… you really just can’t. I mean I’ve always been taught it but after having completely broken a site using a simple spam script (using their own code to send through the data), it just reinforced those lessons. Hopefully there’s no hard feelings.

So I’ve been listening to the Moana OST and just loving it. I got inspired to do a picture of Moana and realised how long its been since I’ve drawn a human XD. It’s okay I guess. 

Something new I learned today: There was no medieval barracks, they’re called a guardhouse and the dungeons used to be at the top of towers. There also used to be some dungeons where it was a vertical slit and the people were lowered down into it and basically forced to stand for however long they were kept in there. 

The things you learn researching old towns for a d&d campaign >.>

To be fair though d&d is set in a fantasy medieval universe, so I could get away with getting a few things wrong.