Hi! Welcome to my blog. Here, I post development updates on projects I’m working on, tibits on games I’ve played and found interesting and other creative works I’ve done.

My name is Jess and I’m an independant Artist/ Game developer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Design (Games), and am currently working on getting one in Computer Science. Throughout my many years of learning, I’ve become a jack of many trades:

  • Digital and traditional artist. I discovered my love of pixel art after many year of traditional media.
  • 3D modelling, rigging and animating. I touched upon this during my Games Design degree using Autodesk Maya.
  • 2D Animation. I’ve done many pixel art sprite animation but I have a few traditional pieces (which were so time consuming).
  • Programming. C# is my love, but I know a lot of Java and Javascript. I know a bit of Python and C (C89).
  • Game Development. Most of my skill lies in using Unity, both 2D and 3D. I have touched a bit of GameMaker and Pico8.

I’m the lead artist for Aura of Worlds. Aura of worlds is a creative tactics rogue-lite platformer. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam.

This video is pretty out of date, but gives a good impression of gameplay.

I started working on Aura of Worlds back in 2015 as a freelancer. Since then I’ve become the lead artist and I’ve worked on many of the assets: bringing life to new creatures for players to fight, enhanced the environment making it more cohesive and appealing and created new items for the player to play around with. I’ve also helped exhibit the game at PAXAUS from 2015 through to 2018 and spoken with media to promote it.

You can find my artworks on DeviantArt, my Instagram or my Artstation. I put most of my coding up on my GitHub. I have some things on my Itch.io too.

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