[Short Story] Adam’s Kill

I have no idea when this was written but it was after I wrote ‘I’m Not Scared’. That story basically established Adam and Peter as my own original characters and I started making up proper backstories for them. Adam is a serial killer, I had a weird fascination with them… Probably because of the Dexter TV-show? Anyway onto the story, this one is pretty gruesome.

The deserted street was filled with shadows from the lamps that lighted the way along the road. It was a perfect hunting ground in Adam’s opinion. He crept slowly behind the lone girl that was currently walking down along the road from the school Halloween party. He had left Peter a little while ago with his friend Damien, so he could calm down. Calming down meant killing, it was only thing that soothed and excited him apart from when he was with Peter. But Peter wasn’t returning any of his feelings which irritated and hurt Adam.

Currently behind the girl, with is knife in his right-hand, he grabbed the girl and pressed the knife firmly against the girl’s throat. Blood dripped down in a fine line and the smell, drove Adam crazy with relief. But he couldn’t stop now, no not now. The blood dripped onto the girl’s light blue dress staining it with the crimson fluid that occupied his thoughts majority of the time.

The girl who had froze at first, screamed shrilly into the silent night. Adam thinking quickly, forcefully covered her mouth. He cruelly laughed as he dragged her into a nearby alleyway.

“Make anymore sound and I’ll cut your pretty little tongue out,” he hissed into her ear. Adam pulled out his handy rope, and tied her wrists together tightly. He threw her to the ground carelessly and the girl, while whimpering loudly curled up against the brick wall. Adam laughed at the scene, intoxicated by the power she was giving him so willingly. He dropped down beside and roughly opened her mouth; with the knife he took out (he had put on his belt earlier), he cut her tongue out. Her screams were muffled by the tongue that was currently acting as a sort of gag.

He grinned sadistically and watched the tears stream down from her frightened eyes. Such pretty eyes she had, so similar Peters. So pretty and so green. But this angered Adam. How dare she share the same beautiful eyes as his Peter? In a fit of rage, he shoved the blade into one of her eyes and watched in satisfaction as it popped, but the blade went further splattering the red liquid all over his face and shirt. He was grateful that his shirt was a crimson red; it helped conceal his extracurricular activities. The girls screaming wasn’t muffled anymore, in her pain she had swallowed her tongue.  Blood poured out of her mouth and down her chin.

Adam saw a light flicker on in one of the nearby buildings and desperate to silence her, he ripped off a scrap of her dress and gagged her with it. He gripped the girls face and held her head still as he slipped the knife into the wound on her neck and proceeded to slowly cut the skin of her face off of her face. He could feel while holding onto the skinned flesh, her tears soaking through wetting his fingers.


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