[Short Story] The Fight

This is a bit of a Kingdom Hearts fanfic I did back in 2008. It never went anywhere, this is basically the most complete part of it.

The dark cityscape surrounded them, him and that giant malformed, sickly white thing. Its soulless red eyes narrowed as it swiped its bloodied giant, sharp blade at him. Acting quickly he raised his own blade in retaliation stopping the creature from cutting him in half. He quickly countered the attack, stabbing out only to have the creature knock it out of his hands. If it could he swore he saw it smirk as it raised both it arms.

‘Wait a minute its arms are blades,’ he thought his heart pounding in his head as he inched away into the wall behind him. ‘WHAT? How’d I end up so close to the wall,’ he panicked, fear consuming all rational thought.

The creature let out a soul-splitting screech as it brought its armblades down upon him. He raised his arms up, trying to shield his head from the oncoming blow. A light rapidly filled his vision as the bloodied blades came closer and closer. “Shhhhhinnnng” His vision returned to him as the light faded.  His arms strained under the weight of the monster’s strength as something, something was keeping the blades from slicing through him. He looked up. There! There, in his hands blocking the attack was a glowing white keyblade.

“What the…” He said a loud, unable to figure out where the blade had come from. ‘Oh well, can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.’ He decided as he forced the creature’s blades back.

He was feeling oddly refreshed, so taking advantage of his new found strength he lashed out cleanly removing the creature’s arm from its body. Its arm landed in the small blood puddle was steadily growing. Quickly, not allowing the thing a chance to react, he manoeuvred around it and cut it deeply through the back, blood spraying the ground as its heart pumped out its vital fluids. The creature screamed out, half in pain and half in rage. It slashed around violently as he dodged every move with speed he didn’t know he possessed. Cuts, wounds appeared in the creatures flesh as every hit landed on it. He stood proudly in front of it, as he observed the damage he had caused the wicked beast. Blood was pouring from various places on its body, pooling down into a crimson puddle on the ground beneath its levitating form.

The creature gathering whatever strength it had left struck out, trying to get one last attack in.  Thrusting his keyblade forward he stabbed it through the chest, blood spraying out splashing him on the face. The beast collapsed and would’ve fell on him if he hadn’t have rolled out of the way. It landed with a sickening thud, blood splattering everywhere drenching him in the crimson fluid. A light enveloped its body, causing him to look away to keep from being blinded. When he looked back at it as the light had finished fading, all that was left was a basic Dusk and a Shadow left behind. The blood and the severed ligament were gone.

“What?” He asked, utterly confused at what was playing out before him, “What are… erk!”

He cried out, very nearly screamed as he felt it painfully slide through his abdomen and break through his skin on the other side; he managed through the searing hot pain to look down where he saw the end of the Oathkeeper key sticking out through his gut. He dropped the keyblade in his hand onto the ground, it landing with a loud clatter. Roughly the Oathkeeper was yanked out of him and he was spun around and pushed over onto the ground. There in front of him stood his Nobody.

“Rox… as…” He coughed out, wet warmth slipping down his chin. Roxas’s keyblades vanished as he grinned sadistically; he bent down to pick up the fallen keyblade and propelled himself forward stabbing him in the chest with it. Blood splattered up hitting Roxas’s face. Roxas pulled him up, bringing him right up to his face; there he could see the insanity, the cold hatred in the blue eyes so much like his own, his blood trickling down his Nobody’s face.

Slowly his vision faded as the lack of blood made itself known.  “Guess you don’t need this anymore,” he heard Roxas smugly say as everything faded to black.

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