I think I’ve gotten back into collecting magic cards… Oops. 

So because I’m in a lovecraftian kick at the moment, I started picking up MTG: Eldritch Moon packs. And I’m really loving the art on them. Well all except the foil ones. I really hate the foil cards because they make the art really dark and the shine isn’t that impressive. I really prefer what Pokemon does, with the different variations on the foils and full arts. They look so much better. 

But yeah, here’s what rares and uncommons I’ve picked up so far.


 I don’t really know what the bronze colour means. I thought it was just another rare, but its really different. So is that rarer than rare? I’ve never seen that colour before.

I think my fave card of this lot is Emrakul, the Promised End because it just looks so cool. Plus all the 13s on it is really funny XD


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