Pokemon Moon #4

This contains some spoilers. Well, I’ve discovered the joys of Wonder Trade. It’s not that different from the previous iterations. Though I did have some difficulty with the global link not working for days. I did like 4 trades and now I have a Chikorita. It looks like somebody might be IV breeding since it’sContinue reading “Pokemon Moon #4”

Pokemon Moon #3

Finally left the first island. I spent way too long looking around the cities and petting my Pokemon. It’s really easy to get them to love you and its worth taking the time XD You get a greater chance at getting crits and avoiding attacks. Plus their reactions are super cute. I’m trying to evolveContinue reading “Pokemon Moon #3”

Pokemon Moon #2

I’m loving Team Skull XD There’s one bit later on where you can ask them who they are again and their reaction is the greatest.  My fire cat finally evolved. It has this bell looking thing under its chin that burns your hand if you touch it. I can’t wait for bara cat 😀 I thinkContinue reading “Pokemon Moon #2”

Device6 and The Stanley Parable Analysis

Device6 is an interactive novel on iOS devices. It won Excellence in Audio, and was a finalist for Excellence in Narrative, Excellence in Visual Arts, and Seumas McNally Grand Prize. It was also an honourable mention for the Excellence in Design and Nuovo Award. The player plays as Anne who is suffering from amnesia. AnneContinue reading “Device6 and The Stanley Parable Analysis”

The Dilemma

“Oh no! Hunter on me!” he yelled, as he is shoved to the ground, claws of the creature tearing into him. “I’ve been smokered!” she cried out, hanging from the side of the building, as the common infected beat into her helpless body. Another is lying motionless on the ground. “Help us! Come out andContinue reading “The Dilemma”

Wide Asleep App Pitch Document

For an assignment, we had to design a game/ app that would benefit people. So my group decided to do a sleeping app since we suffered from a lot of sleeping issues. I think later on we had to make a mock kickstarter for it? But yeah here’s the pitch for it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mykN1g9MGYZV_84fKVJUR0bW8vJUYLbUvYWO7LnIMWo/edit?usp=sharing “Wide AsleepContinue reading “Wide Asleep App Pitch Document”

Postmortem – BlockUP

BlockUp is a cooperative 2-player building block game where players are working together to get as high as possible before the rising lava catches them. It was developed by our five person team during one semester.  The game started off originally as “The World We Make” an experimental exploration of goalless cooperative multiplayer over aContinue reading “Postmortem – BlockUP”