Sigh organizing art is so time consuming. I have a few more pieces to put up on my portfolio site but its just ceebs cleaning them up and making them all nice for showing. Bleh.

Anyways here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on when I haven’t been swamped by assignment work.


This is a portal animation for the Necromancer Boss monster. Basically it summons monsters and this is the spawning monster animation. I’m definitely going to add more colours later on. But considering that the game is going on greenlight like within this week and I still have exams to study for, this is going to have to do.


Robot Card Game #6

So we’ve started redesigning the Robot Card Game. We still haven’t playtested but we felt like we wanted more of our own identity. It still has decks but now its more like a board game rather than a card game. We’re also looking into making it a digital board game. I’m thinking of using my Build Your Way game as a base. It’s going to need so much playtesting, but we’re a lot happier with this concept. Especially since we’re making it so much more simpler. Hoping to get the first draft up soon, but… exams.