And Yet I Must Scream #9

Lockie: I grab a pool cue and whack the speakers until they stop playing that godawful music

You grab a free pool stick from the couple playing pool and walk over to one of the speakers. You reach up with the stick and ‘SMASH’. The pool stick makes a loud sound as its hit repeatedly against the speaker. Once you hear no sound coming out from it, you move onto the next and the next. A strange fervour seemed to have taken a hold over you. Only once silence remains, do you stop. You are immensely proud of your handiwork. Nobody around seemed to have noticed.

Rene: Grab a pool stick and hit the bartender VERY HARD over the head with it.

You pick up the pool stick you got earlier and walk over behind the bartender. He kind of glances at you with a weird look like he usually does. He doesn’t really pay any attention to the fact that you’re raising the stick up in a threatening way. You bring it down on top of his head with a lot of force. He falls to the ground. Luckily you haven’t hurt him too bad, so there’s no blood on the ground.

You look around to see how all the others react to what you’ve done. Which is to say that they don’t. They look at you, a little shocked but then they go back to what they were doing before. Like nothing weird had happened before. You stand there above the prone bartender, pool stick in one hand feeling slightly out of place. They should’ve reacted yet they didn’t. How odd. The sound suddenly turns off and you feel an immense relief. The droning sound was having a bad effect on your mood.