And Yet I Must Scream

This is a kind of choose your own adventure thing, with a tad of roleplaying. You give actions with the aim to find a way out and I write out the responses to those actions. You can talk to the people and they may give you hints. Talking to people and interacting with the environment is pretty much the only way you’ll succeed in your goal. I’ll only allow a max of 5 people playing because I have Uni and other commitments that anymore than 5 will be unmanageable. Responses will be 2 – 3 times a week. Maybe more if I get free time 🙂

A low beat of an unremarkable song hits you first. It rings in your ears. You groan lowly and open your eyes. You immediately shut them as light shines painfully into them. Your mouth is dry and your teeth feel fuzzy as you lick your cracked lips. There are people talking. You grimace and try to open your eyes again. This time, you peer through slit eyes and look at the area around you. You’re still in the bar. But you were so sure you left this one earlier in the night. How long had you even been here?

You peel your face off the table you’ve been slumped over and look in front of you. The bartender is serving another customer. A young woman. They are chatting about something in hushed voices. The woman laughs and it sounds loud. Your head throbs painfully. You go to rub your eyes with one of your hands but notice clenched within it is a empty glass. Behind the bartender, there is rows of different kinds of spirits and wines. It’s quite beautifully displayed. You let go off the glass and slip off of the barstool. The soles of your shoes stick to the grimy tiles that are coated with the sticky residue of who knows how many spilt drinks. For such a nice looking place, it definitely needed a bit of clean.

There’s fewer people in the bar than you remember. It was packed, filled with all kinds of people. The music was a lot better then too. You notice that the music has descended into a low, droning sound. You make your way over to the elevator – the only way out of the area. You pass by a couple playing pool, and walk that tiny bit faster past the man smoking a cigarette. You wrinkle your nose at the smell.

It gets dimmer the further you get from the bar, the area is bathe in a low tinted red light. It gives the the area an unsettling feeling.

You stand before the elevators and press the down arrow. Nothing happens. It doesn’t light up at all. You press it a few more times confused. You try the up arrow and that does nothing either. You look around for anymore buttons, yet there is none.

What do you do now?


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