And Yet I Must Scream #7

Lockie: The droning music is really starting to get on my nerves. I ask the bartender if he can change it to something more appealing.

You interrupt him again. He just looks at you blankly. For a long time. It starts to get creepy and you feel really nervous. Then without saying anything to you, looks away again.

Rene: Examine rest of bar. Any TVs? Stereo or jukebox playing that music? What colour is that fire extinguisher? All red? Ask bartender where he last remembers having the keys.

You look around the bar. There’s no TVs but you can see some speakers in the corners of the room. It appears that the music is coming from them. A short distance away from the elevators is a nondescript door. Near the bar is two restrooms labelled with the usual Female and Male signs. You take in the appearance of the fire extinguisher and it’s the generic red. You look back at the bartender and yet again interrupt him.

The sigh from him this time, pretty much tells you hes getting fed up. This has to be the worst service you’ve gotten in a while. “I have no idea where they were. I mean I like to keep them in empty bottles, so they might’ve just been thrown out.”

He shrugs again then goes back to ignoring your presence.


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