And Yet I Must Scream #6

>Finish my drink and go see what that strange person is doing with the elevator @sykolamus

You gulp down the rest of your drink and look over at the elevator. For some reason you believed that somebody was there. Maybe it was a shadow in the corner of your eye? Or maybe it was a paranoid delusion? Either way there is nobody there.

>Take beer and return to the bartender, asking if there is an alternate route out.

Examine room for any fire extinguishers.


You drop the pool stick onto the floor and grab your beer. On your way back to the bartender, you take a quick look around the room for an fire extinguishers You spot one behind the bar. You interrupt the bartender again. He sighs.

“Yeah, there’s some stairs down. But the door’s been locked for ages. Kinda lost the key a while back.”

He shrugs and goes back to his conversation.


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