And Yet I Must Scream #4

Lockie: Check my pockets while I slowly sip my drink and wait for the elevator to get fixed.

You find some crumpled bills, scrunched around your keys. Your wallet has no money in it and there is a smart phone in your pocket. You wait. It seems like you’re going to be here for a long time.

Rene: Order a bottle of beer and grab a pool stick. Make way over to the smokers and ask if they’re willing to sell a working lighter.

You make your way back over to the bartender, and order a beer. He takes your crumbled bills and hands over a cool, slightly damp bottle of beer. With your drink in hand, you walk over to the couple playing pool and grab a free pool stick. You set your eyes on the guy smoking and quickly go over to him. You ask him how much for the lighter. He eyes you, taking in the weird combination of pool stick and beer. He grunts and just gives it to you. You have an awkward moment of maneuvering the beer to under your arm, before taking the lighter.  He waves you off, so you walk away. 

You hear a murmur of “fucking freak” before it descends into a series of grumbles.


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