And Yet I Must Scream #3

Lockie: Order a drink and eavesdrop on their conversation.

You pull a couple of dollars out of your pocket and order your favourite drink. He sighs and begrudgingly takes your money and serves you up a drink. You sip and trying not to be too obvious listen in to their conversation.

“Yeah and these dickheads just broke in last week, tried to get at my locked box.” He gestates towards the underneath of the bar.

“Oh, that’s awful.” You can hear the hopefulness in her tone that its going to amount to something interesting

“They got caught by the police before they managed to get anything though.”

She hums, completely disinterested in the story. Her hopes crushed. She changes the conversation talking about some antics her friends got up to.

Rene: Examine belongings and then drag a bar stool over to the elevator.

You’re wearing some semi-casual clothes. In your pockets, you have a wallet that has no money in it. The money is instead scrunched up in your pocket around your keys. In your other pocket is a smart phone. You grab a hold of a bar stool and drag it over to the elevator. You get a few odd looks but nobody says anything.


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