And Yet I Must Scream #8

Lockie: Leave the bar, muttering under my breath that this bartender is a fucking asshole. Find the source of the music and change it myself, even the radio will do, as long as it’s not that damn music anymore.

You glare at the bartender and move away from the bar, muttering to yourself. You look around for where the music is coming from and spy the speakers near the ceiling, in the corners of the room. There is no visible way to change the music.

Rene: Examine the exit door.

You go over the door that you assume is the exit and try the handle. It doesn’t budge. There’s nothing really interesting about the door other than it’s very clearly locked.


And Yet I Must Scream #7

Lockie: The droning music is really starting to get on my nerves. I ask the bartender if he can change it to something more appealing.

You interrupt him again. He just looks at you blankly. For a long time. It starts to get creepy and you feel really nervous. Then without saying anything to you, looks away again.

Rene: Examine rest of bar. Any TVs? Stereo or jukebox playing that music? What colour is that fire extinguisher? All red? Ask bartender where he last remembers having the keys.

You look around the bar. There’s no TVs but you can see some speakers in the corners of the room. It appears that the music is coming from them. A short distance away from the elevators is a nondescript door. Near the bar is two restrooms labelled with the usual Female and Male signs. You take in the appearance of the fire extinguisher and it’s the generic red. You look back at the bartender and yet again interrupt him.

The sigh from him this time, pretty much tells you hes getting fed up. This has to be the worst service you’ve gotten in a while. “I have no idea where they were. I mean I like to keep them in empty bottles, so they might’ve just been thrown out.”

He shrugs again then goes back to ignoring your presence.

And Yet I Must Scream #6

>Finish my drink and go see what that strange person is doing with the elevator @sykolamus

You gulp down the rest of your drink and look over at the elevator. For some reason you believed that somebody was there. Maybe it was a shadow in the corner of your eye? Or maybe it was a paranoid delusion? Either way there is nobody there.

>Take beer and return to the bartender, asking if there is an alternate route out.

Examine room for any fire extinguishers.


You drop the pool stick onto the floor and grab your beer. On your way back to the bartender, you take a quick look around the room for an fire extinguishers You spot one behind the bar. You interrupt the bartender again. He sighs.

“Yeah, there’s some stairs down. But the door’s been locked for ages. Kinda lost the key a while back.”

He shrugs and goes back to his conversation.

And Yet I Must Scream #5

>See if my phone has any reception. If there is, check my contact list for someone who might be able to come and pick me up from this weird bar. @sykolamus   

You pull out your phone and see there is no reception. There’s not even WiFi. What a lame bar…

>Put lighter in pocket.
>Move to elevator, set down beer and attempt to pry open elevator doors with pool stick.

You pocket the lighter and place the beer on the bar stool. You try with all your might to wedge the pool stick in between the elevator doors but it doesn’t work. It just slips and slides all over the joint.

And Yet I Must Scream #4

Lockie: Check my pockets while I slowly sip my drink and wait for the elevator to get fixed.

You find some crumpled bills, scrunched around your keys. Your wallet has no money in it and there is a smart phone in your pocket. You wait. It seems like you’re going to be here for a long time.

Rene: Order a bottle of beer and grab a pool stick. Make way over to the smokers and ask if they’re willing to sell a working lighter.

You make your way back over to the bartender, and order a beer. He takes your crumbled bills and hands over a cool, slightly damp bottle of beer. With your drink in hand, you walk over to the couple playing pool and grab a free pool stick. You set your eyes on the guy smoking and quickly go over to him. You ask him how much for the lighter. He eyes you, taking in the weird combination of pool stick and beer. He grunts and just gives it to you. You have an awkward moment of maneuvering the beer to under your arm, before taking the lighter.  He waves you off, so you walk away. 

You hear a murmur of “fucking freak” before it descends into a series of grumbles.

And Yet I Must Scream #3

Lockie: Order a drink and eavesdrop on their conversation.

You pull a couple of dollars out of your pocket and order your favourite drink. He sighs and begrudgingly takes your money and serves you up a drink. You sip and trying not to be too obvious listen in to their conversation.

“Yeah and these dickheads just broke in last week, tried to get at my locked box.” He gestates towards the underneath of the bar.

“Oh, that’s awful.” You can hear the hopefulness in her tone that its going to amount to something interesting

“They got caught by the police before they managed to get anything though.”

She hums, completely disinterested in the story. Her hopes crushed. She changes the conversation talking about some antics her friends got up to.

Rene: Examine belongings and then drag a bar stool over to the elevator.

You’re wearing some semi-casual clothes. In your pockets, you have a wallet that has no money in it. The money is instead scrunched up in your pocket around your keys. In your other pocket is a smart phone. You grab a hold of a bar stool and drag it over to the elevator. You get a few odd looks but nobody says anything.

And Yet I Must Scream #2

Rene + Lockie: I walk up to the bartender and ask why the elevator isn’t working and if it will be fixed soon. Tell bartender the elevator is broken. 

You make your way back to the bar and interrupt the bartender’s conversation. He doesn’t really turn to look at you rather just glances in your direction for a second. He shrugs, “Yeah it does that sometimes. It’ll be fixed when its fixed.” 

He turns back to the young woman and you can see a weird look on her face as she side eyes you a bit. They then start talking again, having silently decided that they were going to ignore you.